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FUT Champs: Weekend League Update

Written by Stakester
17 May, 2021

Happy Monday everyone! England is opening up again and Bundesliaga TOTS is here. Lots of us spent the weekend glued to Ultimate Team to try and get a super Sancho, in possibly the sweatiest (we say that every weekend though don’t we?) all-time weekend of FUT Champions.

Whether you made it to that magic 17 win mark or not, we wanted to make sure you got some fun out of the weekend game mode with some Elite 1 Weekend League Tweets.

Welcome to Weekend League

I’d like to say we’ve all been there, but the double corner is hard to take. We’ve heard Startup is alright 🍿

Ultimate highs and lows

We know this feeling – watching a great game in real life gets you pumped up… and then it doesn’t quite play out 💔

Winning mentality

Leicester weren’t put off by Chelsea players yelling “Rat!”, “Scripting!” or “DDA!” in the final minutes at Wembley. And who can say they didn’t deserve it? 🏆

Finding motivation in the madness

When yet another five at the back, all-icon/TOTS team appears onscreen, you know it’s going to be a rough one. Probably time for a break 😴

Life imitates art

It’s a risky strategy, but one that can really pay off big time. Not this time, obviously.

Speaking for all of us

We’re scratching our heads too, mate. But we both know we’ll both be playing next week 😆

A living nightmare

Imagine conceding that last minute goal on 99 wins…

Another way to win

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