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FUT Freeze: what the fire and ice announcement could mean?

Written by Stakester
9 Dec, 2021

In the wake of the havoc of last weekend’s FIFA Ultimate Team Freeze leaks, it seems that there has been another twist in the tale; it’s been announced that there will be two teams for the promotion – Team Fire and Team Ice!

What is the promotion?

This year’s EA Sports FIFA 22 Freeze promotion will see every player involved receive both a Team Fire card and a Team Ice card. The Team Fire cards will begin to drop tomorrow and then the Team Ice will launch in packs next Friday. 

You can also expect to see a lot of SBCs throughout the promo, and according to one account, the first will be a Christian Pulisic! According to the leaks, the Pulisic card you can unlock will have either a 5 star weak foot or 5 star skills that you’ll be able to choose from. 

On top of the SBCs, we’ll also be seeing the standard reintroduction of promo packs in the FIFA Store – so if you’re a fan of balling out, make sure you’ve stocked up on FIFA points so you can afford those 125k packs!

But what are Team Fire and Team Ice?

We think it’s all in the name! The Team Fire version of a player’s card is bound to have scintillating pace and overwhelming physical stats, whereas Team Ice will have icy cold finishing ability and the skill to pick out pinpoint passes. 

With that said, your own play style will probably influence which version of a player’s card you’ll enjoy using most – at the moment, we can’t say whether the Team Fire cards you collect will switch to Team Ice after a week, or whether Team Fire will remain usable until the end of the promotion.

What are the other possibilities? 

We’re certain that EA is going to have some surprises up their sleeve for us, and we’ll have to wait and see for that, but one idea we love was this from a Twitter user: 

The only recent promo to include players that link is the FUT Heroes cards, however that’s understandable as they act the same as Icons. But we think a promo where current players from different leagues link could be groundbreaking – and who knows, maybe even deserved after the surprise was spoiled with the early leaks…

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