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FUT Market: why does it keep crashing?

Written by Stakester
25 Oct, 2021

Find out why the FUT market crash is stopping you getting elite cards, while there are more cheap players than ever.

Grinding for players and packs is central to the FIFA Ultimate Team experience. It requires time, effort, a little planning and a surprising amount of focus. If you’ve never played, it probably sounds obsessive and more than a little crazy – but if you play FIFA 22 you know all about it.

And you know that there’s a reason that players are willing to do it: if you pack a top tier card you could be set for the rest of the game cycle. If you pack some mid tiers, you can sell them 

and start saving for the big dogs. And that is where the problem lies in FIFA 22. 

No lessons learned from last season

In the middle of FIFA 21, EA Sports had a scandal to deal with: an Electronic Arts employee was caught selling icons to desperate players for thousands of dollars. People rightly pointed the finger at a rogue employee trying to make an extra buck, but the real problem was systemic. 

It was so hard to get – say, a prime Pele – without cheating, that people were willing to risk getting banned to do so. You could throw your credit cards at FIFA points and play the game 18 hours a day, but the odds of getting one of those top tier icons were still basically zero. So, with no incentive to come by them fairly, people took the low road.

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Same problem, different reason

This season, things are sadly no different. Overall, low to mid-range players are much cheaper because they’re easier to get. Pack weights have increased, so your odds of pulling a higher rated card have nearly doubled in some cases. But, that increased has massively devalued fodder – Gold Cards that you wouldn’t use but are great for SBCs.

The result is that there are only 14 gold cards worth more than 100k coins on FUT 22. That means when you pack rewards your chances of pulling a really valuable card are minimal. Adding mid-level players to your squad has never been easier, but how can you save for a Ronaldo when your biggest pack pull is only worth 30k?

Pushed towards packs

So, if you can’t make loads of coins from gold cards, how do you raise money in your club? The rewards you get for playing don’t even touch the sides – so you are left with one option: packs. EA Sports obviously want you to put some cash in the game, get some FIFA points and hope for the best. 

That’s the business model, which is fine – you can’t develop a game for free. But, it results in a poor experience for players. Casuals might be pleased that you can get Bruno Fernandes on the transfer market for 80k, but if you want to build a serious team then you’ll probably have to put your hand in your pocket. Take it from one of the pros!

So what should you do?

You don’t want to spend coins on players who are going to lose value every week and leave you broke when you need an upgrade. So, what should you do? It makes sense to do SBCs, as fodder is so cheap and you can pick up some broken cards that way. But, for every Fekir there’s an Inaki Williams, so be careful and check in with your preferred content creator. 

Ultimately though, the only safe places to put your coins are icons – and they are out of reach for a lot of players – and live cards (RTTK, OTW etc) as their overall rating can go up in the event of an upgrade and are likely to increase in value once they’re out of packs. Trouble is, you need the packs to get these players in the first place!

Add these cheap beasts to your squad

Stay on the META

The simplest thing to do is make a cheap beasts team and earn as many packs as you can in-game. You won’t have the most glamorous starting XI to begin with, but as you make coins and accumulate rewards cards your luck might change and you could pack a really high value card.

The main thing is not to get caught up in promo hype and buy FIFA points, at that stage you’re just gambling and the fate of your squad is in the palm of EA’s sweaty, sweaty hand. But, it’s no consolation to sit back and stay out of it while your squad gets more and more outdated every week. So where does FUT go from here?

The future of FUT

The plan for EA Sports FIFA seems pretty obvious: push the focus onto promotional cards so that players become more likely to purchase packs from the store. Unless you want to make the switch to Volta Football or Career Mode, we’re all stuck with this element of the game. 

Our best advice is to enjoy the game as much as possible without taking the chance on packs. Rewards are much better this year so you should be able to enjoy the game with earning rewards and completing objectives. But, the future of the game seems to be going more and more towards pay-to-win at every level.

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