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FUT Season 2: what to expect

Written by Stakester
10 Nov, 2021

Everything you need to know about Division Rivals, FUT Champions and FUT Season One Rewards before Season Two drops tomorrow

It’s the end of Season One in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and the new structure has lots of fans confused about what’s coming next. We feel your pain, so we sat down and decided to get to the bottom of it all – here’s everything you need to know:

Division Rivals Rewards

Milestone rewards are coming tomorrow morning. This new feature sees players rewarded for the number of Rivals games played, based on their division. We’re not going to get into the particulars here, but click below to check out the full list of Rivals rewards by Division. 

How will the market react to all of those Jumbo Premium Gold Player Packs? They’re all untradeable so hopefully we won’t see another “worst market crash ever”. One thing’s for sure, there will be plenty of fodder you can regret putting into that Icon SBC!

There are some changes coming to Rivals: firstly, players in Division 6 and above will go down two divisions automatically. So even if you made it to Elite level, you’ll go back down to Division 3. The scrabble to get back up is going to be brutal!

Players in Division 5 – 8 will only go down one division, and face a much easier grind back to where they were. Players in Division 9 and 10 will stay where they are – which seems fair. Plus, we reckon it’ll be easier to move in the chaos immediately after Season 2 drops. 

Now we’ve got some bad news and some good news: the bad news is that getting into the playoffs is going to be harder! In Season 2, you’ll need 2,000 FUT Champions points to be able to enter qualification. But, milestone rewards will be even better this season, so the extra games should pay off in the end.

FUT Champs

So we’ve established that you’ll need 500 more qualification points next season, but what about the final Weekend League entry of this season? It wouldn’t be FIFA if it wasn’t pointlessly complicated, so here’s the breakdown:

If you’ve already entered Qualification and you finish your games before Season 2 starts, you’re qualified for the FUT Champions Finals and you don’t need to worry about it. Well done if this applies to you, but we know that lots of people were unable to enter champs due to a glitch earlier in the week, what about them?

Well, if you’ve already entered, but you don’t complete your games in time, your progress will be reset tomorrow morning and you’ll have to play those matches again. So your choice is to wait, and qualify tomorrow – or speed through your remaining games tonight and qualify before the new season starts.

With a new promo on Friday and everyone getting their packs tomorrow, we can expect to see some serious teams in Champs this week. Just make sure you get the qualification right and you don’t miss out because of the confusion.

New promo this week?

Speculation is rife about what (if any) new content is coming on Friday – with Adidas’ “Don’t stop til you’re 99” and FUT Freeze both rumoured to be on the table. The new Adidas promo involves live cards that will keep improving until one stat reaches 99. We don’t know much about who is likely to be included yet, but we can be sure the hype is going to be huge.

The new TOTW also features some seriously desirable cards, with IF Goretzka, Neymar and Joao Cancelo featured in the team. Any one of these players would likely improve 90% of teams in the game, but we all know the chances of packing them are low. Still, it’s something to hope for in your red picks at the weekend.

Pain face

There’s a lot of rumours in the community that content creators get favourable pack luck so that EA can sell more packs to the rest of us rubes. But, here’s some evidence to the contrary: streamer Pieface23, a long time favourite of ours at Stakester, might get the award for worst Base Icon SBC pull of all time!

Check out the end of the video to see the look on his face when he packed a baby Klose… having already done the baby Klose SBC! We can only imagine the pain and sorrow he was going through in that moment, but at least he had the decency to record it for our amusement.

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