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FIFA 21: the best player reactions

Written by Stakester
24 May, 2021

The yearly FIFA Ultimate Team TOTS fiesta rewards the season’s best players with outrageous cards. It was all going well until the release of the Serie A TOTS this weekend. That was when we saw the first real controversy of the season (don’t worry, Cristiano Ronaldo is in there).

The Team of Broken Dreams

Everyone was expecting title-winner Achraf Hakimi to be rewarded for a stellar season with a TOTS card – even Hakimi himself. But, the announcement came and he was beaten by Juventus’ Juan Cuadrado and AC Milan’s Theo Hernandez. Safe to say, the Inter Milan full back was not happy…

We think he has a point to be honest

Publicly going after EA probably is an interesting strategy, and it remains to be seen how it’ll play out. Honestly, we think he’ll still get an SBC in the next few days. You might think winning Inter’s first title in 11 years would take the sting out of it for Hakimi, but he clearly loves his FIFA.

That sweet, SBC feeling

We’ve been here before

Hakimi isn’t the only Inter player who has gone up against FIFA before. Romelu Lukaku was raging with his base stats at the start of the current season. Romelu was more philosophical about it, pointing out that any controversy only gives the game more publicity.

The game only gets more publicity when a superstar player throws his toys out of the pram. Fair play to Lukaku – he took the high road… by throwing his toys out of the pram.

The highs and the lows

Perhaps our favourite player reaction of all time is from France/Spain CB Aymeric Laporte. He was happy at first to see that he had a (well deserved!) 87 rating.

But, he was less happy when he saw that 63 pace stat. Not much hope when the sweats show up with Kylian Mbappé or Neymar with that!

It’s Adama Shame

If we’re talking FIFA reactions, we can’t miss the chance to talk about Adama Traore. He sat down with Connor Coady to guess some Wolves’ player ratings at the start of the season. His absolute disgust at his physical rating on FIFA 21 really is worth a watch.

Coady is loving it though

Pace is everything

We all know how important pace is in FIFA 21. Understandably, Kyle Walker is pretty proud of his 92 rating. But, that’s nothing compared to the moment where he discovered that he was faster than Raheem Sterling in the game!

Just look at his face

We would imagine that Kyle’s been dining out on that one all season! Also, we aren’t sure what John Stones is reacting to in the thumbnail, but he looks like he just saw Ruben Dias rocking up to training for the first time.

It’s better than the one I wanted

Another great all-time entry comes from hometown Liverpool hero Trent Alexander Arnold. He’s thrilled at first when he sees an overall 87 rating, but the smile starts to look more and more stuck on when he goes through his individual stats.

Let’s be honest, 87 is pretty good

You have to say well done, reading that 80 pace stat had to sting. And he barely showed it.

Who will cause controversy in FIFA 22?

Every year when the new game is released, fans lose their collective minds over the new ratings for their favourite players. So who will enter next season with big expectations and a disappointingly low rating?

In the premiership, we expect Mason Mount, Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood to offer the biggest challenge for the FIFA nerds behind the scenes. All three have had amazing seasons, but are still relatively junior in their careers.

We know players don’t typically get massive jumps in ratings from one year to the next, but with base stats of 82 (Mount & Foden) and 78 (Greenwood) you would expect to see some movement. Foden and Mount have inspired their teams all the way to the Champions League Final – and surely Greenwood deserves better. Only time will tell.

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