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Happy Belated Birthday to Rocket League: Six Years On

Written by Stakester
14 Jul, 2021

Here’s to six years of our favourite soccer-racing game: celebrate in the arena today!

It’s hard to believe that this crazy mashup of soccer and racing that none of us asked for – but we all learned to love – is 6 years old. We’re a little late to the party, but here’s the best of the celebrations from last week! 

Sometimes sequels really are better 

Did you know that Rocket League is actually a sequel to Psyonix’s second game – Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars? (say that three times fast!) Sadly, it didn’t live up to its name, receiving a lukewarm reception upon being released in 2008 on the PS3.

But it did some numbers! With over 2 million downloads, there was a clear appetite for more – and Psyonix delivered. Rocket League was released in 2015; superior graphics, gameplay and overall presentation — a true successor.

The power of community

If there’s one thing a competitive game relies on, it’s the community. We all love a bit of friendly competition, and the community of Rocket League keeps it that way. There are forums dedicated to teaching newbies about the game, and everyone loves to celebrate each other’s achievements.

Climbing through the ranks is just as satisfying as making that perfect powershot; even better when people recognise your legendary status. Psyonix even have a community section on their website where they spotlight players, and push everyone to be at their absolute best — that includes you!

Think you’re hot stuff?

If you fancy yourself as a top player then take on our own in-house streamer and Grand Champion Jay! You can catch the stream on a Tuesday and Friday from 5pm to 7pm (GMT) on our very own Twitch channel — be sure to give us a follow!

If those kickflips and 1v1 games aren’t enough for you, then reach for a bigger challenge by signing up for the Oddysee League! If you live in Europe and you can nail the perfect shot then you might just qualify for the big leagues.

Ready to play?

Rocket League holds a special place in our hearts, so much so that we have it available to play on the Stakester app. You can win money and prizes (and pull off those sick shots you’re so proud of), so get started, and celebrate many more years of Rocket League with us.

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