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Have EA saved this FIFA 22 game mode?!

Written by Stakester
20 Aug, 2021

Okay, let’s not beat around the metaphorical bush, here at Stakester, we haven’t exactly sung the praises of Volta. Whenever it’s mentioned in the lead up to the FIFA 22 release date, our minds usually wander to something more exciting, like the amazing cash and prizes that can be won on our app (shameless plug, deal with it).

But today that changes, because today, we actually have an exciting FIFA 22 Volta update – one that might just breathe life back into a game mode which has been neglected for too long!

What We Were Promised

When Volta was first announced, we all conjured up big dreams of a glorious return to the days of FIFA Street. However, Volta was never going to fill the boots of that childhood defining game. Instead, we were given what felt like the bones of something which was once great – understandably, we returned in our droves to the usual grind of Ultimate Team.

Volta promised to be the new FIFA Street

But luckily, that looks set to change! EA have finally seen that Volta lacks the pizazz and appeal that FIFA Street used to have, so they are steering the Volta ship in a new direction and adding a new twist to a game mode which still has potential. 

Enter Volta Arcade

EA Sports are adding minigames into Volta and to be honest, we’re all for it! At a glance, it looks like we’ll all be making a return to the school yard and playing games which we all loved growing up:

Corner Scramble: So admittedly, we weren’t organised enough to play a game which included four nets (there were only so many jumpers to go round), but still, this game looks as if it will be a fast paced scramble if you’re going to secure the W.

Dodgeball: Ah, there was nothing quite like belting a ball at a mate – it was always one of the purer moments of childhood fun. Now, you’ll be able to relive those laughs with your friends in the virtual world of Volta.

Wall Ball Elimination: Just to confirm, if you call this game anything other than “wally”, you’re wrong. But this is one of those classic games that we all spent hours playing, we imagine it’ll be a bit easier in Volta given the lack of cars for the ball to get stuck under.

Foot Tennis: Potentially a little bourgeoisie for the school yard back in the day. This game seems to have grown in popularity since the likes of Messi and Neymar were seen playing it during their summer holidays. It still looks fun and is definitely going to be worth a go when FIFA 22 drops.

Will you be giving it a go?

We’ve changed our ways and written an article about Volta, so we think it’s only right that you give the game mode a fair chance when the full game releases on the 1st of October!

In the meantime, come and try out Stakester! You can put your FIFA 21 skills to the test to earn money and prizes – and we don’t stop there – we also offer other games such as Rocket League, Warzone and Street Fighter!

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