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Headliners Team 2 leaks: Salah, Vini Jr, Fofana stats

Written by Stakester
6 Jan, 2022

Team 2 drops at 6pm GMT this Friday – and it looks better than team 1! Who will fit into your club? Thanks to the always spot on @FutSherriff for the leaks. 

FIFA 22 Headliners Team 2 is almost here, with even more performance-based live cards dropping into the game. There are a few big names in Team 2, with some seriously meta cards on offer: so we’ve got the breakdown of the best and the most desirable cards mentioned in the Headliners Team 2 leaks:

The Team

Slaah, Kimmich, Cancelo, Fofana, Vini and Barella all look like top tier cards that could slot into most teams. It’s rare that we get so many high level options in one release – so we can expect a few of them to drop on Sunday.

Some of the lower tier cards, like Watkins and Leao look like they could be a lot of fun to use. But, Vini and Fofana have generated the most excitement online, with their full stats already leaked. You can see those stats below, along with Mohammed Salah’s and Rafael Leao’s. 

Headliners Salah: stats leak

Just an amazing card: top tier pace, dribbling and shooting with great Prem links. You’d better get your wallet if you want to try him out!

Headliners Rafael Leao stats leak

Should be on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but he has great links to Portuguese and Serie A players. But, his base card has very low reactions (which can make dribbling feel very clunky) so watch out for that when he drops.

Headliners Vinicius Jr: stats leak

One of the best players on the game this year, Vini has a couple of cracked special cards already, but this one looks 🔥. You love to see maxed out pace and crazy dribbling, plus you know his in-games are going to be ridiculous. This is a dream pull.

Headliners Fofana: stats leak

His POTM is one of the best midfielders in the game so far (not doing him is a serious regret on our end). But, this Headliners version looks amazing! He’s going to be expensive; Ligue 1 links, broken stats and high/high workrates make him an amazing box to box midfielder. He’s like a brick wall who can shoot.

How does it work?

A headliner card gets a higher base stat than any performance-based item released so far and receives an upgrade every time the player appears in Team of the Week. Plus – Headliners Promo player items get an extra permanent upgrade if their club achieves a four match winning streak any time in the remainder of the domestic league season.

These cards are going to be very valuable and sought after, because Headliners receive upgrades throughout the season. So, if you manage to pack one of the top tier Headliners items, they have the potential to become even better as the year goes on. 

Best Objective card so far?

The stats above are only predictions, but an objective Zakaria is a huge boost for any Ultimate Team player on a budget. Objective cards often promise more than they deliver, but Zak always brings it home. Sheriff promises he will be really easy to complete too.

Getting a live card like him for free is a no-brainer, as he’s sure to make at least one TOTW this season. The win streak looks unlikely for him and Monchengladbach, but you never know with the farmer’s league!

That’s it for Headliners – we’ll see you for Team of the Year!

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