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How to Become a PAID Game Player with Stakester

Written by Stakester
15 Mar, 2021

Many people, just like you, dream playing their favourite games to earn money online. But how can you make that happen? You’ve probably got to become a pro gamer, or at the very least a YouTuber with a good following, right? Not quite, Stakester has moved the goalposts and now you can become a paid game player in your spare time!

The New Way to Be a Paid Game Player

The paid pro gamer is a relatively new phenomenon; the first gaming competitions took place in the 80’s and the world’s first pro gamer Dennis “Thresh” Fong only had his most notable victories in the late 90’s. Due to the infancy of the gaming world, there has been a stigma around the amount of time people spend playing video games. Up until recently, parents would discourage their children from gaming too much as they didn’t see its value (until their kids started earning the big bucks).

Now, more and more people are aiming to go pro playing their beloved games. However, just like we all can’t be professional athletes, we all can’t be pro gamers. However, Stakester is offering you a new opportunity; You can become part of a community of champions and back yourself to beat the competition to earn prizes and money by playing games online.

How to Get Paid to Play:

  • Download the app
  • Select your favourite game and set your entry fee
  • Match with an opponent and play your game!
  • Take a picture and verify your score.

Back yourself and download the Stakester app. Challenge anyone and start playing now to win money and prizes. Be the master of your own destiny, take care of the competition and get that W.

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