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How to get better at Rocket League: use these 5 tips!

Written by Stakester
2 Feb, 2022

We all know that Rocket League is a very fast-paced game – it’s safe to say the early days can be a bit frantic, as you try to keep track of all of the manoeuvres at your fingertips. Whether it’s attacking or defending, drifting or flip resetting, when you’re just starting out it can feel a bit overwhelming. Some players are left wondering where to begin.

The question that burns in every new Rocket League player’s mind is always “how do I get better at Rocket League?!”. Well, you can drastically improve your play in less than a week if you adopt the following five tips!

​​What is Rocket League?

Rocket League is a physics-based sports game where players drive cars and battle each other in an arena to score goals. The cars have the ability to jump, allowing for midair direction changes, and speed boosts. The ball can be knocked around using the car’s body and boosts. Players can participate by themselves or play online with friends and strangers .

5 tips to improve your Rocket League game play:

1) Camera settings

Here’s a tip you might not have been expecting – you need to have a bit of a deep-dive into your camera settings! First, you need to turn “camera shake” off, this setting makes the game feel a little more chaotic and immersive, but it’ll have a negative effect on your playing ability as you ideally need clear vision.

Next, set your “Field of View (FOV)” to 110 – this ensures you have a clear view of everything that’s happening on the pitch. Another important camera factor is distance, this is literally how far away your camera is from the car, we recommend around 260/270.

2) Explore every surface on the field

Part of Rocket League is knowing how to use every surface in the arena. Walls and even the ceiling can be used to your advantage, so head to the practice arena and become comfortable moving both your car and the ball around all surfaces. This is especially important when you come to learn how to air dribble, as being able to race up the wall to get to the height of the ball becomes paramount as you climb through the ranks.

3) Practice kick offs

Kick offs are how players begin the official match. If you’re not getting a fast start, practice kicking off by yourself in a free play area with no opponent. By practicing how to correctly flip, roll, and boost your way up the field you can better strategise how to kick off during an actual game and get the upper hand quickly.

4) Master the half flip

Half flips are important when it comes to managing your speed in-game. Beginners tend to overuse the boost button and find themselves unable to make fast sprints to attack or defend when they have inevitably used up all of their boost. Half flipping can gradually increase your speed, and after 3 flips, your car will hit supersonic speed without using boost. Half flips are also great for quickly changing direction, so mastering them will make you a much more agile player.

5) Dribbling is key

Here’s another area that you should aim to improve quickly. Head to the practice arena and get used to using all of the sides of your car to dribble and control the ball. Avoid being 2 dimensional in attack and only dribbling in a straight line – instead, learn how to quickly move the ball from side to side using the nose of your car!

Head to the arena! 

The key to improving in Rocket League is playing many games and not giving up! Use our 5 tips and play plenty of 1v1 games and you’ll climb the competitive ranks in no time. See you at Grand Champion!

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