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How to get the FIFA 22 Beta – don’t get scammed!

Written by Stakester
23 Jun, 2021

The FIFA 22 Beta is almost upon us and as usual, players are eager to get access to the first sneak peak of the new game. The question on FIFA players’ lips is how they can get access to the Beta – so we’re going to tell you!

Can I sign up?

In short – sort of. The FIFA 22 Beta is a closed one, which means that EA only grants access to a select number of players. However, the access code is sent to your email, so one way to boost your chances of receiving a code is by opting-in to receive emails from EA. So make sure you head over to your account and update your settings. 

What will it include?

We are going to assume that this year’s Beta will follow the same structure as FIFA 21’s. If that is the case, then all players will receive access to Kick Off and one other game mode – that could be VOLTA, Career Mode, Ultimate Team or Pro Clubs (just keep your fingers crossed and hope you don’t get VOLTA).

It’s worth noting that the gameplay and general ‘feel’ of the game always changes by the release date. So, if you’re lucky enough to get access to the Beta, then keep in mind that this isn’t the finished product! 

How long will it run?

Last year’s Beta was available for just over 2 weeks, we expect this year’s to be similar. If you receive a code, you can expect to have access to FIFA 22’s Beta for a fair chunk of August 2021, but don’t forget to head out and enjoy the sun!

What shouldn’t I do with the Beta?

If you’re on the receiving end of a closed Beta invite, then one thing you definitely shouldn’t do is post any gameplay on social media, or anywhere else online. Last year, numerous accounts were banned and suspended for leaking footage of the reduced version of FIFA 21. This may seem harsh, but it’s understandable as EA Sports want the release of the full game to have the wow-factor that we all experience when loading up the game for the first time!

How can I avoid scams?

If you receive the Beta code, it will be locked to your EA account. This makes it impossible to sell or buy access codes. Therefore, you shouldn’t pay anyone for an access code as you will be wasting your money!

Good luck, we hope that you’re one of the lucky few to receive the Beta code! 

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