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How to keep FIFA fresh during the Euros

Written by Stakester
8 Jun, 2021

Team of the Season is over, and for most FIFA fans that means we’ll gradually stop playing until the arrival of FIFA 22. But this year is a little different; the Euros are coming! And seeing as EA has held off from releasing any major promos since TOTS, it’s likely that we’ll be given a Euros-themed promotion very soon!

On top of that, this year is different!  There’s no need to put down FIFA just yet because you have Stakester! Playing for cash and prizes really raises the intensity – plus it means you’ll enjoy FIFA 21 right until the final whistle. 

What could the Euros promo look like?

Unfortunately for FIFA players, Konami has snagged an official partnership with UEFA EURO 2020 – this means PES is once again stealing the limelight from its bigger (and richer) cousin by taking the naming rights of the international event. 

So, while we’ll probably receive a Euros promo, don’t be surprised if it’s in disguise. If the player who fires his team to success in the final receives a card called “best player of the tournament played on the European continent”  we’ll all know what’s really going on! 

If it’s anything like the 2018 World Cup mode, it’s likely that we’re going to see some stacked cards on Ultimate Team during the tournament. Players like Kylian Mbappé and Phil Foden will no doubt receive boosts in stats and there’ll be potential for International MOTM cards for any player who brings the sauce to his national team.

But what happens after the Euros?

Last year, we saw the introduction of Summer Heat; this promo saw a huge number of top cards appearing in packs, as well as new SBCs and Objectives being released. 

Summer Heat was a brand new promotion in FIFA 20, so we’re probably going to see it return again in FIFA 21. We just hope that this year EA won’t make us jump through so many hoops to get a decent free card – we’re looking at you, Bruno Fernandes and your 14 objectives…

When you need something fresh

The Euros only runs for the not-so-grand total of one month, so, what happens after that? Well, you don’t have to fall back into the grind of FUT champs if you don’t want to! There are other ways to test your skill and if the excitement of FIFA has worn off then there’s a new way to compete.

Playing on the Stakester app allows you to take part in some of the best competitions around – the fact that there is no pay-to-win, or scripting (for the conspiracy theorists!) is just an added bonus! 

On top of that, playing through Stakester means you’ll be in top form come the release date of FIFA 22; as the competition and interest in this year’s Ultimate Team fades, you’ll still be playing against skilful opponents with the prospect of great money and prizes on the line!

Speaking of FIFA 22…

Last year, the demo release was cancelled. But this year, the rumour mill is saying that there might be a demo coming our way!

That means a few weeks before full launch, you’ll be able to get your hands on early access, reduced content version of the game so that you can hit the ground running on the release date!

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