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How to make coins in FUT 22

Written by Stakester
28 Dec, 2021

FIFA coins are the single most important thing in FIFA Ultimate Team (well, you need a bit of ability too, but let’s not get caught up on the technicalities!). Making and keeping FIFA coins in FUT 22 is not easy, but there are some things you can learn that will help you keep losses to a minimum. 

Without coins in FUT 22, you’ll struggle to create a world beating team unless you have incredible pack luck – and let’s face it, most of us are on first name terms with 83 Gosens by now (It’s Robin, by the way). So a common challenge for beginners and veterans alike is to figure out how to make coins, and more importantly this year, figure out how not to lose them!

EA’s sneaky tactic

In previous years you could follow a number of different trading methods – like stocking up on players needed for upcoming SBCs and selling for a profit – and see some decent returns. But this year EA have got a much firmer grip on the transfer market, making it harder to trade – and much easier to lose all your coins in a transfer gamble.

Historically you could rely on certain things in the FUT market. When players go out of packs (meaning you can’t get them from rewards or from packs in the store) supply drops and their value goes up. So you knew that if you held onto that player you could sell him for more once he became more scarce. But, this year, things are different. The predicament goes a little something like this:

  • Imagine you buy a nice promo card for 750k, he slots right into your team and you know he’s going out of packs at the end of the week so he should go up in price.
  • But, EA releases lightning round packs (time limited special packs) during the night and supply rises, so his price drops. Now, when he goes out of packs you might not be able to recover your coins by selling him, because the price might not rise enough to cover your losses.
  • AND after he goes out of packs, future lightning rounds can feature out of packs players, which will only drop his value further as people panic sell and supply goes up.

This might not be a huge issue with one tradeable player, but if your entire team is tradeable you risk losing value on everyone, and your team can be massively devalued overnight. The best way to counter this is build a team with untradeable players – that way you are protected from the swings in the market.

So, how to make FIFA coins in FUT 22?

With all that said, there are a number of ways you can make money in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, apart from the normal methods of playing games:

  1. Always complete Marquee Matchups and high value Promo SBCs

These sets of SBCs often have higher value rewards than the standard SBCs available, so it’s important that you use the lower value players in your club to complete these. However, you should avoid opening the reward packs straight away, and instead wait until there is a promo with a number of quality players that you’d like to pack. Crucially, these packs are tradeable so you can sell any high value cards you manage to pull. And, on that note…

  1. Sell in the hype

Waiting for a promo player’s value to go up is a dangerous game. You should sell while the hype is at its peak – that’s either when they’ve just been released, OR when another hyped player who links to them becomes available. Remember: the longer you wait, the more at risk you are of losing value.

  1. Make late night purchases

A good rule of thumb is that the market usually drops while Europe is asleep. If you find yourself burning the midnight oil, then it might be worth having a look for some bargains on the transfer market – as soon as daylight arrives, you’ll find you can make a tidy profit!

What about keeping my FIFA coins?

As we’ve mentioned, you’re going to want to avoid forking out hundreds of thousands of coins on promo cards. Instead, you should opt to build an untradeable team, so to do this you should:

Save your fodder – “fodder” for those new to FIFA are those higher rated players that aren’t good enough to go into your team, but aren’t really worth selling either. Save them until a specific player SBC (who can definitely fit in your team) becomes available. You can follow content creators like RuntheFUTMarket or TheFIFAAnalyst, who review the SBC players to see if they’re worth doing. This way you get a better return on the better quality players that you have in your club.

And finally: 

Invest wisely – we’ve already mentioned that spending lots of FIFA coins on players is probably not worth it. However, there are some exceptions to the rule; Icons and cards with live stats (stats that will be updated in the future) are more likely to hold their value.

On icons, look at popular Prime Icons as they’re highly sought after and better versions of the cards won’t become available. For live cards, anyone who can get boosted stats is always likely to hold value due to the promise of a better item.

So, if your coins are burning a hole in your digital pocket, then we’d recommend you focus on these cards.

Time to play

That sums up our short and simple guide of how you can make and maintain your coin balance in FIFA Ultimate Team. If you take our advice on board, we’re sure you’ll have a world class squad in no time!

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