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How to score more penalties on FIFA 22

Written by Stakester
25 Apr, 2022

Win more FUT Champs games by perfecting your penalty technique in time for Team of the Season Weekend League rewards.

Penalties are a real art on FIFA 22. Whether it’s the actual execution of the shot or the mental game behind it all, there’s a lot going on with shootouts this year. With the influx of players chasing TOTS items in FUT Champions Weekend League rewards, we can expect a lot of shootouts. 

FUT Champs is the sweaty pinnacle of competitive Ultimate Team, with 30 games to get through (if you include qualifying). The usual TOTW players in red pick packs will be replaced with TOTS players while the promo is running – starting with Community TOTS and going through the leagues. 

We aren’t going to tell you there’s a foolproof technique to score – because there isn’t! Instead, we’re going to look at the techniques you can employ to make yourself a better all-round penalty taker. Here’s how to score more penalties in FIFA 22.

1. Don’t give the game away

If you aim consistently in one direction, the penalty taker will move their head slightly towards the part of the goal you’re aiming at. If you’re unaware of this, opposing players can use it to predict where you’re going to shoot: but you can also use it to your advantage.

The classic move is to look one way and then move the aiming target to the other at the last minute, sending the keeper the wrong way. But, this method is far from foolproof: lots of players will see it coming and purposely dive the other way. 

Alternatively, you can try the Jorginho: keep the target in the middle of the goal until the taker begins his run-up and you won’t give the direction away at all. The downside is that you’re now under pressure to aim accurately – it’s very easy to push the target too far to one side and miss.

If you understand the different options available to you, you can use them to save your opponent’s penalties. If they’re using the “look one way, shoot the other” method, then you can dive the opposite way and save pens with ease. You can also try the Jorginho method for yourself to confuse them.

2. Embrace the mind games

Firstly, adopt a different approach for shootouts vs. penalties in normal time. Perfect your preferred technique for normal time and never change your mind. Most of the time, if you execute it properly, you’ll score – and if you miss, you miss. At least you know you have a system that you can fall back on under pressure.

Shootouts are a different game entirely: you need to try and spot patterns in your opponent’s approach – for instance, it’s amazing how many lower-level players just go left, right, middle automatically without thinking. Either way, winning the mental battle is just as important as executing your penalties properly. 

Against lower level players, focus on execution as they’re bound to miss one or two by themselves. Against better players, you should think about the mental side a bit more. Try to conceal your own patterns by perfecting a few different techniques that will keep your opponent guessing. 

If they dive the opposite way to where your player is looking at first then you know they’re watching for head movement. If they pick and side and go, you know you need to hit the corners or keep it central. The key is never to rush, never to shoot without thinking and never give up. 

3. Choose the right players

This one is super simple and often overlooked: you can’t choose the order of your penalty takers on FUT Champs, but you can do a few things to ensure that your list is as strong as possible. For some reason, subs will always go first, so make sure that your bench is filled with players with high penalty stats. 

If the game has gone to extra time, then you’ll likely have used all three subs to try and stay in the match. It’s crucial that all three of them can take pens – you can think about this when choosing defensive subs too. They’ll likely be your first three takers in the shootout.

After the subs, the game will just run through your team from wingers and STs, to midfielders and defenders – then all the way down to the GK. You could pause and move your better takers higher up the field – if you’ve got TAA at RB then he’s kind of wasted for the shootout. Move him to CM and put a quick CM at fullback and he’s probably going to be in your top 5 takers. 

Otherwise, all you can do is check the penalties rating for each player and bear that in mind when you’re choosing your shot. If you’ve got a CDM with bad shot accuracy but good shot power, then smash it slightly off-centre and hope for the best! When your superstars step up, they can handle the Panenkas for you.

Stay cool out there

Overall – just remember: no matter how frustrating FUT Champs gets, it’s just a game and the rewards are just FUT cards. Don’t play too many games and remember to take frequent breaks. And if you’re like us and you usually ignore all of this advice, then make sure you get out in the sun for a while and forget about it! Good luck out there, everyone.

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