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How to stay cool and get more wins in FUT Champs

Written by Stakester
10 May, 2021

6 simple rules for keeping your emotions in check in FIFA’s most stressful game mode, so you get more wins.

Neo in the Matrix. Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. If action heroes have taught us anything, it’s the importance of mastering your emotions when you’re in a stressful situation. Weekend League is no different. So here’s our top tips for staying mentally sharp, so you can get more wins in FUT Champs.

Group your games

As infamous hard-man Roy Keane once famously said, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” And he’s not wrong! You have three days to play 30 matches, and you’re unlikely to be at your best if you’re grinding out 15 games on Sunday night. 

Your weekend league averages out at 10 games a day. Break that down, and you’ve got two sessions of 5 matches each day. You probably won’t stick exactly to the plan, but that structure can give you the framework you need to be fresh when you play – and win more matches.

Start well

This one seems obvious, but as any football coach would tell you – it’s crucial. Playing in real life, the most important thing in any game is to make sure your first touches are decent. It builds confidence and it sets out your stall for the game ahead. 

FIFA is a game of momentum, and conceding the first goal (and a second) puts you at a huge disadvantage. Comebacks are always going to be more draining than straightforward wins, so it’s crucial to concentrate from the off and avoid silly mistakes early doors. 

Be honest with yourself

Are you playing because you want to or because you feel that you have to? Lots of us have a love/hate relationship with FUT Champs, and a big part of that is the feeling of having to play the game when we’d really rather be doing something else.

This one has an easy answer – if you’re not up for it, don’t play! Your lack of concentration will show and when things start going against you that day-ruining frustration is never far behind. Do yourself a favour and drop the pad. There will be many more Weekend Leagues, and the player picks will still be rubbish!

ALWAYS put the pad down after a loss

This one is huge. You only need to have a little walk around, or make a cup of tea, but you have to create some distance between yourself and the big L looming large in your mind. The worst thing that can happen in FUT Champs is taking the back to back loss, and this is the simplest way to avoid it.

In professional rugby, one of the big ideas coaches communicate to players is not to compound errors. If you make a mistake, your odds of making another one skyrocket if you don’t remain calm – and the impact of the original error is doubled. If you can transfer this mindset into your FIFA, it’s going to save you a lot of headache. 

Accept the game for what it is

We know constant pressure is way too overpowered. We know through balls make no sense anymore. We know. If you want to win more matches, you have to accept these things and play to limit their effectiveness. 

The frustration that comes with conceding seemingly physically impossible goals ruins your game. If you can stay cool and accept everything the game throws at you, there’s a much bigger chance that you can answer with a clutch play of your own. 

Be ruthless. Get more wins.

The most stressful element of FIFA 21 is the feeling that a result is never really safe. Unless you’re 3 or 4 goals up you’re always one through ball away from being opened up and then it’s game on again. 

There’s only one aspect of this part of the game that you can control: and that’s scoring every chance you get. While you’re on top, put your opponent to the sword. Don’t lose concentration and start trying outrageous chipped finishes when you could just put them away. You will thank yourself later.

Above all, try to enjoy it

At the end of the day, just try to remember that it’s a game. You should enjoy the sweatiness on some level, or why are you playing it? It’s the pinnacle of competitive FIFA for the average player, but if you feel you’re forcing yourself to play 30 games every weekend maybe FUT Champs simply isn’t for you?

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