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FIFA Points: how to use them most effectively in FIFA 22

Written by Stakester
23 Mar, 2022

A lot of people spend their hard earned money on FIFA Points, but end up wasting them all. Here’s how to put them to better use!

In an ideal world, every FIFA player could spend £50-£60 on the new FIFA in September, not put a single penny more into the game for a year, and build your dream squad. In the real world, however, this is far from the norm; EA Sports seems to have worked out the perfect timing for releasing that first, shiny promotion, and before you know it, you’ve whipped out the wallet and are spending your money on those pesky FIFA points. 

With that said, there’s nothing wrong with buying some of the in-game currency from time to time – it’s always nice to treat yourself, right? The issues come when you unknowingly waste those FIFA points on low value packs, or gamble them away hoping to pack that TOTY Mbappe. So, we’re here to tell you the dos and don’ts of shopping with your FIFA points in EA Sports FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

The Dos

The 7.5k pack method

When looking at traditional pack opening advice, the number one rule is always “don’t waste your FIFA Points” on standard or premium gold packs – but we’re here to blow that right out of the water!

Buying 7.5k packs can actually be a great way of almost converting your real life cash into in-game currency; these packs tend to have plenty of position modifiers, which alone can generate you plenty of coins – one Twitter user made 100k from 30 packs, just from position modifiers:

The downside is, you’re unlikely to pack players that will make it into your starting XI – but you will fill out your club with valuable SBC players!

Silver packs

Okay, we’d like to start this one with a disclaimer – this method won’t win you any awards for sexiest playstyle, but it can still be effective.

One of the more expensive parts of competing League Squad Building Challenges is buying the silver players required for them. But you can get around this by using some of your FIFA Points to open silver packs to save yourself buying them.

If you’ve already completed the League SBCs, then you can instead cash in on your silver players when everyone else is scrambling to buy them!

Gauge the reaction to promotions

When a brand new promo is released, your first thought might be “oh go on, £15 of points won’t hurt” – wrong, given the poor quality of some of this year’s promotions, this line of thought can really sting when you realise that FUT Birthday or FUT Hero card you just packed is trash.


Not waiting for promo players

As we’ve said, the 7.5k pack method isn’t optimal for packing top players, but it’s even worse if you’re throwing FP at those packs when there is zero chance of you packing a promo player.

Bide your time and spend your points during promotions.

Spending during TOTY

Team of the Year has come and gone in FIFA 22, but this is worth keeping an eye out for in the next edition of the game. 

During TOTY, your chances of packing one of these rare cards is somewhere in the region of 0.1% (and that’s probably generous). So not only will you end up wasting all of your FIFA Points, but the value of the gold players that you do pack will have crashed.

Spending during TOTS

When FIFA 22’s Team of the Season is released, the game will only be relevant for a few more months. Try not to get sucked into the trap of throwing more money at a game that will be gathering dust before long!

To splash the cash or not?

Our general feeling towards FIFA Points is you probably shouldn’t bother buying them. With that said, we know how entertaining it can be to open 30 packs in one sitting – so overall, we’d say only spend what you’re willing to lose!

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