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Icon swaps explained: release date, leaks, predictions

Written by Stakester
15 Dec, 2021

Everything you need to know about today’s icon swaps release, from the players on offer to strategy and how to get the most out of your tokens.

Icon Swaps are coming today! The grindiest game mode is dropping just in time for Christmas once again, so we can all escape from our families and play FIFA when it all gets a bit too much. 

All of the crucial information leaked over a week ago, but if you need to refresh your memory, here’s your ultimate guide to icon swaps. Thanks to @ImADuckQuackk for the leaks!

The rundown

As usual, we’ll be getting a mix of players and packs as a part of icon swaps. You’ll need to complete in-game objectives in Friendlies and in Squad Battles to earn Icon Swap tokens, which you can then exchange for OP packs or Mid and Prime Icon Packs.

Taking inspiration from FIFA 21, we’ve got some examples: you might have to win 6 matches in Fut Friendly One League, or make 10 assists with a through ball with a Brazilian player in Squad Battles matches on min World Class Difficulty, or score in 10 separate Live Fut Friendly matches using Premier League Players. 

It can get complicated – and it can be very annoying – but the rewards are worth it if you play your cards (or tokens!) right.

The market reacts

Traders are going to have a field day with players that become more valuable because of the objectives. If you need a particular nationality or league to build a squad, then you can expect prices to really rise. The rumour mill suggests you’ll need Brazilians, Argentinians, Silvers and an Eredivisie squad to complete these objectives.

So, if you did Eredivisie Foundations, you’re in luck! Otherwise, it might be a good idea to start stocking up on some of these other nations/silvers. The prices will only rise as more people attempt to complete the objectives, so you have been warned!

The age old debate

To golden goal, or not to golden goal? One of FIFA’s most toxic debates will rear its head once more this Christmas. If you live in a cave, the basic argument is that players should quit after going 1-0 down in friendlies so everyone can complete their Swaps objectives more quickly. 

However, some objectives require multiple goals, which means you could potentially complete objectives more efficiently if you play full matches. Plus, some players really object to being expected to quit if they concede an early, sweaty kick off goal. 

What’s important is that you play how you want to play: but be prepared for some frustrating matches!

It’s all about the packs

If a particular player catches your eye, then get on the grind! But, for us, the real value is in the fodder packs. With a 2 – 25×81+ pack, a 3 – 25×82+ pack and a 5 – 25×83+ pack on offer, these represent the best value options for your efforts. 

The galaxy brain move is to grind for your tokens, then buy these packs and wait for TOTY. Your chances of pulling a high value player are much better from an Icon Swaps pack, so it’s definitely worth saving it for a big promo. If you don’t pull a top player, you should get some solid fodder you can sell or save for big SBCs. It’s just quicker and simpler than working for 17 tokens to get a mid Rooney (about 850k on the market).

Ready for the grind?

The Friendly aspects of the objectives are very quick and easy to complete, but the Squad Battles part takes a while. With no apparent glitches to help you make those games run smoothly, you’re stuck playing against the computer for a while at least!

With another promo coming and a potential Mbappe in TOTW this week, there’s lots of stuff to keep you interested at the moment (the less said about the Next Generation players, the better!) But either way, happy holidays and we hope you get some good pulls out of those Icon Swaps tokens.

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