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Is the icon sbc worth it? How to get value for your coins

Written by Stakester
9 Jan, 2022

Every time a new icon SBC drops there’s a wave of mania across the whole of the FUT community, and we get it! Completing Squad Building Challenges is great fun in itself, but the added allure of packing a top tier player at the end of it is even better. 

But, if you want to get far in FIFA Ultimate Team, it’s important to manage your coin balance wisely, and we hate to break it to you, but icon SBCs don’t always guarantee bang for your buck. 

Here’s a mini-breakdown of what it might take for the SBC to be worthwhile…

How much does the mid icon SBC cost? 

The mid icon upgrade SBC, if you want to build it from the ground up, is going to cost you at least 360k and unless you’ve had incredible pack luck (or spent your Christmas money on FIFA points), then that is going to make a dent in your balance! Apart from the mid-Icon card, you’ll also receive a premium gold pack, an electrum players pack, a premium electrum players pack and a small prime gold players pack, but that’s only the equivalent of 50k in coins. 

So, unless you manage to pack a great icon – which is no easy task given that 57 of the 105 mid-Icons are worth less than 300k (thanks, EA Sports) – then you’re set to lose out on some serious coins that might be better used elsewhere!

Great players for less than 360k

If you do end up avoiding the gamble and taking the safer route, then here’s a short list of some of the world-beating players that you might want to use the 360k on instead!

  1. Messi – < 311k

La Pulga himself, Messi is only going to set you back a maximum of 311k on the transfer market depending on which console you use! His card isn’t what it used to be in previous games given he’s getting older now (trying not to cry here), but considering many think of him as the greatest of all time, he’s still a brilliant card to have in your starting XI! 

  1. Ronaldo – < 358k

Next up is Manchester United’s prodigal son Cristiano Ronaldo. For less than 358k he could do an amazing job of leading the line for a premier league/hybrid squad. Just like Messi, his card is much cheaper now his career is beginning to wind-down, but there’s no doubting the quality that this guy could still bring to your team in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

  1. Ice Rashford – < 349k

Another United man has made it onto our list (how did we ever let that happen). Rashford’s Versus Ice card may not be as popular as his fire card, but that does mean you’ll be able to pick it up at a discounted price. He has the pace and dribbling stats to terror any opposition fullback and he would be a catalyst in any team!

What squad can 360k net you?

If you’re lucky enough to have a stacked coin balance in FUT 22, you still might not fancy splashing all of that cash on one player. If that sounds like you, then we’ve put together this awesome (if we do say so ourselves) team that you can pull together and still have a bit of change left over. Check out our breakdown below:

For 360k, this team is still incredibly well-rounded; the defence and Donnarumma are still META enough to compete with even the most expensive teams in the game. On top of that, with Llorente and Claude-Maurice in the middle, you’ll have no problem controlling the game in the centre of the park. 

With the pace down both wings, Morales and his superb finishing ability won’t be short of service, and if you find yourself coming up against a more physical opponent, Dembele’s physical stats mean you can also fall back on hold-up play if the need arises!

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