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La Liga TOTS: the confirmed team – 98 Benzema, 95 Vinicius

Written by Stakester
19 May, 2022

There have been a lot of La Liga TOTS predictions, but we now have the full team thanks to @FutSheriff!

This Friday, LaLiga Santander Team of the Season players will arrive in Ultimate Team packs. Now you can take a look at what EA Sports have in store for you, along with a breakdown of the cards and their expected stats! There are huge names in this team, but surprisingly, it’s not an all out Real Madrid-fest, as there are other additions from around the league too.

GK – Courtois

The strength of Thibaut Courtois’ TOTS card lies in his height. At 6ft 6 inches, he’s an imposing figure in the goal and you can expect to see a lot of people using him as a strong link for Alaba or Militao. Despite this, we all know how poorly keepers are valued in FIFA, so he will still likely be under 100k – a bargain in our eyes!

RB – Navas 

Navas is going to be an objective worth completing; he becomes the best (or second best behind Dani Alves) RB in La Liga, and so will come in useful for La Liga based objectives. The only drawback is his height lets him down – but he more than makes up for it with his pace and dribbling, which are fantastic.

CB – Alaba 

In the early game Alaba’s gold item was a great card, so we know he has potential. For a CB to have such high dribbling and passing stats is amazing, it’s almost unheard of – if you like to start your attacks from deep and play risky passes from CB, then he’s your guy.

He’s not going to be a physical beast like Militao, but he’ll be one of the best centre backs on the ball in the game – he might even make an amazing CDM if you wanted to modify his position!

CB – Militao 

Expect this to be the most expensive defender from La Liga TOTS! His Numbers Up card sat comfortably at 700k back in January, and with brilliant pace, dribbling, defending and physicals he’s a nightmare to get past.

His Brazilian heritage means he’s perfect for most squads, having links into other leagues which include Marquinhos and Alex Sandro. But the perfect link to Captain Marcelo will be one of the strongest defensive links in FIFA 22.

CB – Kounde 

Another French CB, and possibly the best one yet! Kounde’s TOTY HM card was great for a period, peaking at around 330k before it fell behind the power curve. Obviously he has a hundred French CB links, with FUT Birthday Varane offering a link to the PL, and TOTS Ndicka enabling a link to the Bundesliga – and of course there will be French links into Ligue 1 when that TOTS drops next week!

CB – Araujo 

Another centre back, but much less desirable as his predicted pace stat looks a bit on the low side, plus the lack of passing is an issue. Being Uruguayan, Araujo is hard to link outside the league – but if you already have a La Liga squad he’ll be a solid addition. This defender is likely to be on the low end of the price scale, a shame because we expect he’ll be heavily packed and pop up at least once in your reds!

CM – Modric

Modric’s high end cards often end up being fantastic box to box midfielders, and this looks like it’ll be the same, with incredibly well rounded stats. We’d expect his price to fall in a similar range to a KDB TOTS, with a discount because of him being hard to link outside of La Liga as a Croat. His price will probably settle in the 5-600k range.

CM – Pedri 

With Pedri’s Future Stars card still being good enough to get into most teams and sitting at 900k, this card will certainly be one of the top end from La Liga TOTS. He has incredible dribbling with great pace and shooting, so we could easily be looking at 1.5 million plus coins.

Spanish links outside of La Liga aren’t great this year, so he will be slightly trickier to link into non La Liga squads, but a perfect link with TOTS Ansu Fati would certainly help!

CAM – Fekir

A fan favourite from back in October when his Europa League RTTKS SBC became one of the best value SBCs of FIFA 22, Fekir’s TOTS is likely to be one of the more commonly packed high end La Liga TOTS – and he will be a great addition to most sides. Once again, there are 100s of French links, so linking him to players from other leagues in your squad shouldn’t be an issue.

LM – Muniain

One word: fodder. He’s guaranteed to be in your red picks – Muniain will be one of the lowest value cards in La Liga TOTS and you’ll be better off completing Ansu Fati. One to avoid.

RM – Canales 

This is a solid card, but at just 92 overall, there won’t be many people hoping to pack him. The card will improve most average teams, but at this point in the game, you’ll be hoping for better.

LW – Ansu Fati

Pace merchants rejoice, Ansu Fati is set to come as an objective card! If the first few objective players from TOTS are anything to go by, he’ll probably be quite easy to complete. The perfect link to Pedri mentioned before is probably going to be the easiest way to link him out of La Liga.

LW – Vinicius Jr.

This man is the best winger in the game, and it’s been that way since the beginning. His in-forms are amazing, his Headliners card is out of this world and his POTM is still juiced. This TOTS card is going to be 1m+ coins, and he’s going to be very, very rare. The pace and dribbling, plus the high workrates make him a constant threat – it’s safe to say it will make your year if you pack him!

CF – Joao Felix 

With Links to CR7, 5 star skill moves and incredible dribbling, Felix is likely going to be above the 500k threshold. This will be a great card to use both as a lethal striker, and as a playmaking CAM

ST – De Tomás

This card is similar to Muniain, and will be one of the cheapest TOTS from La Liga. It’s not a bad card, but he’s nowhere near competing at the top end. 

ST – Aspas

This is a very well rounded card which will be excellent to use in La Liga objectives. Despite this, Iago Aspas will still probably be quite cheap because of the competition of Felix and Benzema with better links – so it could be worth snapping him up if you have a La Liga team.

ST – Benzema

Remember flashback Karim Benzema ruining your life for a couple of weeks last November? Well this card is going to do it all over again! 98 dribbling on a card with Benzema’s physicals means he will be a monster. Expect the card to be one of the few cards that has a price tag over 1 million coins. Plus, being French, he has great links outside of La Liga to fit into most hybrids.

That sums up our LaLiga TOTS squad, follow us on Twitter for more Team of the Season and FUT 22 news!

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