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FIFA 22 Tips: META defensive formations for FUT Champs

Written by Stakester
8 Oct, 2021

FIFA 22 defending is a real art: here’s how to set your team up to stay cool and get more wins.

They say that defenders win matches and attackers decide by how much. In FUT 22, defenders win matches – full stop. In order to defend in FIFA, you need to stay cool, not shoot out of the line and time your interventions perfectly. 

That’s a tall order and it takes a lot of practise: but, there are some things you can do with custom tactics and player instructions that can make it much easier. If you’re looking to hold onto a lead or keep control of a tight game, then this might be the best formation in FIFA. 

4-2-3-1: keep it tight, then counter attack

There are so many benefits of this formation: two CDMs provide loads of cover, you can set the RAM and the LAM to work hard defensively and put extra bodies behind the ball and if you set your CAM to “stay forward” you basically have two up front. But, we’re here to talk defence, so let’s get into it.

If you set your defensive style of play to “drop back” you’ll immediately become harder to break down. A narrower width makes you more compact, but be careful not to drop too deep – it can be very difficult to play out with the ball. 

Keep things simple in your offensive tactics – just make sure you don’t send too many players up for corners! Slow build up means that your players won’t make crazy runs and drag themselves out of position. 

No manual tackles!

The L2/LT button is your best friend. Do not shoot out and try to make manual tackles with O/A – unless it’s a last resort. The stand tackle is such an unpredictable move this year, the ball can bounce all over the place and you can end up setting your opponent up for a big chance.

By holding L2 & R2/LT & RT and positioning your defender between the ball and your own goal, you can create an impenetrable wall that is hard to break through. The key is to react rather than predict, wait for the attacking player to make the first move and step in when they pause to reassess because you haven’t taken the bait.

Stay disciplined with full backs

It’s really tempting to trigger runs endlessly for your RB/LB. But every time you do it, you’re opening a potential gap for your opponent to exploit. Discipline is key: if you do bring one of them forward, make sure you retain possession. Even if you have to recycle until they get back in position. 

The instructions are simple: stay back while attacking and conservative interceptions (to make sure they don’t shoot out of the line). Just like real life defenders, you should be careful about going to ground and making slide tackles. Just remember not to get too gung-ho when you win the ball back – slow and steady is back in FIFA 22.

Control your CDMs and you’ll control the game

You need the holy trinity of defending here: cut passing lanes, stay back while attacking and cover centre. And remember, if you are ever in doubt about what to do in a defensive situation: run backwards with a CDM. Get them in front of the back four and screen!

The last thing you ever want to do is pull a CB out of the defensive line. Now there are holes that can be easily exploited. Keep the focus on your CDMs, bring them back to help out in defence and you’ll be able to avoid rash moments that lead to goals. 

CAM as a second striker

This is a good one, you can basically play with two up front if you set your CAM to “stay forward” – but you should pick someone with better passing than we did! They can support your ST, but they’ll still occupy the space at the tip of the midfield. 

You want a quick player who can get in behind if needs be, and you need someone with good short passing stats. If you can work those 1-2s with the ST you can tempt your opponent’s CB out of the line. 

If you need a goal, you can always change these instructions, bring on a more attacking player in one of the CDM positions and set them to “get forward”. With the CAM, RAM, LAM and extra CDM getting forward, you’ll have 5 players to hit in any given attack.

As it was in FIFA 21, the 4-2-3-1 is extremely versatile. But, if you want to play more of a Klopp style gegenpress, find out how the 4-1-2-1-2 narrow formation can help you!

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