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FIFA 22 Tips: META formations to help you get more wins

Written by Stakester
4 Oct, 2021

This is the first of a series of guides to the best META custom tactics and game plans – so you don’t miss out on wins, coins and enjoyment.

For anyone who’s been playing FIFA under a rock, custom tactics consist of general attack/defence settings, which allow you to set the shape of your team. Well-deployed tactics can be the difference between winning and losing, so it’s important to stay up to date with the META and use the best formations to make the most of it.

We’re going to look at one popular META formation to explain how it works and show you how you can create your own gameplans:

4-1-2-1-2 narrow

We’ll start with one of the most popular formations in FIFA: this one is perfect for the finesse shot META. It’s also a great formation to win the ball in midfield and counter attack: you’ll create chances. But, you have to be careful playing with just one CDM, and you can get exposed if you aren’t careful. 

Custom Tactics on the FUT App
Custom Tactics on the FUT App

By choosing “pressure on heavy touch” and a high depth in defence, you’re encouraging your team to press the ball and win it high up the field. That’s also why you should choose “fast build up” and “forward runs” to get players moving forward quickly.

How you set players in box, corners and free kicks is really up to you: in FIFA 21 the counter attack was so dangerous that you couldn’t really afford to have anyone up for set plays – but this year you can afford to be more attacking if you wish.

Player instructions

This one is a little bit time consuming but definitely worth it! For each mentality, you need to go through and set player instructions for most of your team. CBs are generally ok as a default, but everyone else needs some help. Take Alex Telles as an example below:

FB player instructions
Instructions for full backs

For your FBs, you want to set them to stay back while attacking. With only one CDM to cover the space, you’ll be left exposed if they go on too many runs. Normal interceptions is fine, and you want to set runs to “overlap”. Because you’ve set them to “stay back” you will have complete control over their runs, and they will only make one if you trigger it manually. 

CDM Instructions
How to set up your CDM

Next up is your CDM, you want them screening your back four and basically doing nothing else. “Stay back while attacking” and “cover centre” are the most crucial instructions here, there is nothing more annoying than finding your slow defensive midfielder in the right back position for no reason.

CAM Instructions
Yes, we packed a KDB

Now you want to think about your CAM – with the finesse META as powerful as it is, the CAM is basically going to be a third striker. Set them to stay forward, and you’ll be able to create little triangles with your two STs every time you break forward. Those triangles will allow you to set up the chance for a finesse shot from distance. 

ST Instructions
ST Instructions

Your striker instructions really depend on the type of player you’ve got. You always want them to “stay central” but the type of run they make should be tailored to them as a player. If you’ve got Jamie Vardy up there, set him to “get in behind”. A big lump like big Rom should be set to “Target Man”. That means he’ll come short in the build up play and you can use L2/left trigger to hold off defenders. 

Become a student of the game

There are loads of content creators with brilliant guides to META formations that you can search for: The FIFA Analyst and Neal Guides are two great places to start. If you like, you can copy the tactics in their videos wholesale and just play! But, if you want to try and understand the ideas behind the tactics, they explain all of it too. 

Ultimately, if you can find a way to understand the rhythms of the game, then FIFA 22 becomes a lot easier. We’re not saying you’ll be seeing green numbers like Neo every time you turn on your console, but better tactics and increased confidence will lead to you making better choices in-game and becoming a better player. 

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