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FIFA 23 Leaks: new chemistry system for FUT 23

Written by Stakester
30 May, 2022

Leaks from Weaver – FUT suggest that Ultimate Team will be truly ultimate next year, suggesting there will be no restrictions on leagues and nations in a new chemistry system for FIFA 23.

Let’s get this out of the way, we all love FIFA Ultimate Team. But, so far in its lifespan, it may as well have been called FIFA Ultimate (As Long As They’re From the Same League) Team. Well, it sounds like that’s about to change! Here’s everything we know so far about the new chemistry system for FIFA 23.

Weaver – FUT leaks the chemistry system 

So, let’s look at the facts on the ground first. Weaver – FUT has a few details that give us an idea of the basis for the new system. Green and orange links are gone! So is the chemistry rating out of 100. Instead, squads will be given an overall star rating that isn’t limited by nations and leagues. Teams can get up to three stars in this new star system. 

This should be music to the ears of Ultimate Team players, as the removal of any restrictions will only diversify the usable players and teams on the game. The chemistry system in FIFA currently limits players to certain combinations that we see over and over again on FIFA 22. This change should allow players to express some more individuality in their teams.

How does it work?

We’re not super clear on this yet. But we do know a few things: for FIFA 23, icons are in the mud! If you can link top rated players without worrying about nation/league chemistry then what’s the point? It’s hard to imagine anyone spending 750k coins on an Icon SBC when half of them are unusable and you can just buy a better player. 

The other angle to think about is those hard-to-link but overpowered player SBCs. If EA Sports continue to release them for leagues outside the top 5, we can expect to see a lot more of these high powered special items appearing on those Weekend League loading screens. 

Overall, it’s hard to predict what impact the proposed chemistry stars system will have. But, we have to say that more freedom for players is a good thing. No more wondering whether you should complete that Showdown SBC, or paying the Premier League tax on players you don’t want but need for chem. 

When is FIFA 23 coming out?

The release date for FIFA 23 is still unknown, but leaks for the upcoming (and final!) FIFA instalment are coming thick and fast. But, the smart money is on a Friday September 30th release. We’re expecting a similar launch to FIFA 22, where players can get early access by purchasing the Ultimate Edition & signing up for EA Play. 

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