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New FUT Champs Rewards: updated ranks & rewards

Written by Stakester
20 Dec, 2021

Huge news for FIFA 22, as FUT Champs rewards are changing! Find out everything you need to know about the new ranks and rewards here. Credit @PraetOrian86 for the graphic 🙏

The headline: new FUT Champs rewards are great, but the new ranks are going to make things a lot sweatier.

W or L? 

The move to a 20 game FUT Champs tournament definitely suited casual players, but a new ranking system is coming to Ultimate Team. Rather than the 5 ranks we’ve had all year, FUT Champions Weekend League will now have 10 ranks: and all of them have new rewards. 

Overall, players will receive much better pack rewards: you will be able to earn an Ultimate Pack with 11 wins and still get your 3 player picks. You can get a Mega Pack for just 2 wins and a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack for 6 – so the big improvement is in tradeable rewards for lower level players.

You’ll also need to win 14 matches to qualify automatically for the next Weekend League, which is a definite L for most players. The TOTW packs – which were untradeable at the start of the day – have been changed back to tradeable items, so you can still cash in on TOTW items at the end of Champs. 

No more free wins?

There’s no doubt that this represents a move back towards Champs’ competitive origins. As you get towards the top of the scale, every win counts – more than ever before. Sadly, many are predicting this is the end of free wins: if you can gain decent rewards from one or two more wins at the end of a session, then why would you give them away?

But, for zero wins (well, losing 12 games) you get a red pick, a Prime Players Pack and a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack. You have to say, that’s not bad. It looks like low end Rank 2 players will be hit the worst by these changes, as 11 wins will only take you to rank 5 in the new system.

So it’s going to be harder for most players, but isn’t that what this game mode is supposed to be about? Division Rivals is sweaty at higher levels, but you only have to win 3 matches to get rewards – or 7 for the upgrade – with no risk of relegation. There are over 300,000 players in the Elite Division at the moment, so how elite can it really be? This is an effort to bring some serious competition back into the game, and we’re here for it!

The competition is back

These changes were definitely made with the top players in mind, but the rewards look better for lower down players too. The chances of pulling a top player in red picks are so low, wouldn’t you rather get good, tradeable packs for your efforts? With the new system, you can at least get a promo player that you can make some coins from. 

The fact that you can get a Mega Pack for 2 wins is a massive W for casual players who don’t want to commit to a weekend of stress. If you do want to get into it, then every single game is going to mean something. The 30-game grind of the past was just too much if you wanted to do anything with your weekend, but what we have now is a highly competitive structure that still allows you enough free time to enjoy the weekend.

For us, these are great changes. Now if they’d only fix TOTW so red picks were usable, we’d be onto a real winner!

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