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FIFA News: no Loss FUT Champs and FUT market crash

Written by Stakester
18 Oct, 2021

Huge FIFA 22 news, as this weekend saw the transfer market drop off a cliff, after players took advantage of a post-patch glitch.

It’s a divisive question: if you find out about a way to cheat and go 20-0 in FUT Champs, is it ok to take advantage? We’re all about fair play, so we would say no… but the same can’t be said for a big portion of the FIFA 22 FUT Champions community! Thousands of players reportedly took advantage of a no loss glitch on Friday, after it was discovered by FIFA Tiktoker SkillzApex.

All you had to do was exit FIFA 22 for a moment and go to your console home menu. The game would kick you out for inactivity, but it wouldn’t register as a loss. Your opponent would still collect the W and you would have another chance to go out there and get that W. 

Golden Goal Weekend League?

The result was many players reaching 20-0 – as they could make seemingly infinite attempts to do so, and many other players getting free wins as soon as they went 1-0 up. So Champs – supposedly the most competitive mode on FIFA – basically turned into Friendlies for a day. 

EA Sports became aware of the glitch and patched it on Friday evening (pour one out for the people who kept trying it after that) but not before lots of FIFA 22 players had managed to get Rank 1 rewards for the weekend. And that’s when things started to get weird.

The market reacts

With so many players opening high value rank 1 FUT Champs rewards, the market was flooded with TOTW 4 cards and other high rated players. Player prices are mostly based on scarcity, so the influx of these cards caused the market to dip. Like us, you might have woken up on Saturday morning to see your team value had dropped by more than a third.

This caused some panic; lots of players started selling. The end result was a huge drop in value for mid-to-high rated items. Bruno Fernandes’ Gold Card went from 120k on Friday to 95k today. Raphinha’s TOTW 4 card went from 75 on Friday to 47k today after so many people packed him in rewards. 

No need to panic

Meta cards are bouncing back, as the market rights itself after a turbulent weekend. Lower tier cards are cheaper than ever, but players like N’Golo Kante actually went up in value! The new FUT Champs format will likely see a drop in prices every weekend anyway, when the market is supplied and people have coins to spend. 

But, lots of players have spent hours grinding for their teams, only to see the value slashed because of cheating. The really high level cards will stay expensive anyway and they only go further out of reach for casuals. The real losers in this situation are more casual players who don’t spend as much time and effort getting to grips with every aspect of the game. 

The Stakester Verdict

And that’s why if you say, “Well if everyone just gets more wins then why are you even bothered?” – you’re missing the point. FUT Champions play is meant to be the toughest, most competitive version of the game. You’ve got to commit to get that Finals Qualification Token after all.

There’s a lot of noise about Division Rivals being the competitive hub this year, but if that’s the case why do you need Rivals to qualify for FUT Champs and not the other way around? We all know Ultimate Team is pay-to-win, so it’s not exactly fair, but the least that players can do is try to win honestly and compete within the rules of the game. 

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