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Nude cheat codes: the weird rumours time forgot

Written by Stakester
24 Feb, 2022

Long before Tinder, it turns out people were asking their video games for nudes! We’ve got the real story behind the rumours of the top 3 nude codes in old school gaming.

Rumours about how to make video game characters get naked spread across playgrounds and classrooms like wildfire… but all of them were absolute nonsense. We’ve done the reading, so you don’t have to clog up your search history with stuff like “nude cheat codes” (got you!)

Lara Croft: Nude Raider

Almost everyone in our office had heard of this one (what does that say about us?!) – that there was a code in Tomb Raider that made Lara Croft (and her triangular boobs) get naked. 

It never existed, but the rumours nearly made it come true! One of the original programmers, Gavin Rummery told the full story; “It annoyed us because a) it didn’t exist and b) it meant we’d meet people at parties who thought we were perverts making pornographic video games for children.” 

But the Tomb Raider marketing team saw it differently – they tried to get the devs to add it to the game. Definitely not an ideal situation: but they had a plan. They were well aware of the supposed cheat code, so they decided to add it to the sequel –  but with a twist. 

In a funny f*ck you to anyone who was trying to sneak a peek at some pixelated nips, the code made Lara explode. That didn’t stop the rumour persisting – or your weird cousin from swearing that he made it work once. All we can say for sure is that it never existed.

The Sims: remove the shower

We wanted to include a Tweet for this one too, but… we don’t recommend searching for it. Anyway, for some reason, playing God in the lives of tiny, simulated people wasn’t enough for some Sims fans – they needed them to get naked too. 

If you enabled the move_objects on cheat and moved a Sim away from a bathtub, enclosed shower, or love bed – they would be nude. What you did next was your own business: just another bizarre Easter Egg that really should’ve had an adult filter.

Mortal Kombat 2: Nud–alities

Here’s one that really feels like overkill – literally. You might have heard the one about how inputting a certain code in Mortal Kombat 2 would allow you to see naked fatality scenes. Turns out people were really bored in the time before freely available internet porn.

There’s no evidence for this one at all, although it did spawn a spin off: the parody game Tattoo Assassins included a few nude fatalities in tribute – but no Mortal Kombat game has ever included any nudity.

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