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Numbers Up Predictions: the new FIFA 22 Adidas promo

Written by Stakester
11 Nov, 2021

Any player with an Adidas deal could be included in this FIFA Ultimate Team promo, with one live stat that can rise to 99. Leo Messi special card incoming?

Numbers Up is almost here

In a week that already blessed us with TOTW Neymar, there could be another Paris Saint Germain superstar hitting packs this week! EA Sports are working in collaboration with Adidas for this Friday’s promo, which will feature cards with one stat that will rise throughout the season until it gets to 99.

Dortmund’s Giovanni Reyna is the only player confirmed so far, but any player with a high profile Adidas deal could be included. We’ve also been given a clue as to how the promo will work; it looks like the stat boost is based on which boots the players wear in real life. This is definitely the most exciting promo of FUT 22 so far, so let’s get into it!

Boots with a boost

Let’s get into the details: each boot will result in a different stat boost. It’s passing for the Copa Sense – worn by Dybala, Joao Felix and Jude Bellingham – pace for the X Speedflow – worn by Ryna, Lionel Messi, Salah, Son and Benzema – and dribbling for the Predator – worn by Paul Pogba, David Alaba and Gini Wijnaldum among others.

You can start doing some maths from here: Dybala is sorely in need of an upgrade, he was cracked in the early game but his card became outdated very quickly. Felix and Bellingham could easily feature as well. By contrast, Salah, Benzema and Son already have special cards in the game, so it seems unlikely that we’ll see more of them. 

A boosted Pogba and Alaba would make great additions, but there are so many players with Adidas deals that it’s difficult to predict who’s going to make the cut. @AddictedtoFUT has done the hard work for ys here, putting together a comprehensive list of who we could see in the promo.

Who do you want to pack?

There’s a lot to work with here! In terms of the pace upgrades, we know we have Reyna. Buit, there are lots of other interesting options here: Felix has a history of seriously OP special cards – as do Aouar and Gnabry. That Jordi Alba looks pretty special too!

On the passing boost, there are some really interesting options: getting usable versions of West Ham’s Declan Rice and FC Barcelona’s Pedri would be loads of fun for anyone who wants to see some unusual cards outside of the meta. A Joe Gomez with boosted passing would bring him back to the glory days of FIFA 21, and make him a top tier card once again.

On the Predator side, if they release a Renato Sanches or a Mendy you can expect to see them in lots of teams until way after Christmas. An upgrade for Eder Militao would see him enter the top tier of CBs once again, with those Brazil and La Liga links. 

Milydinho’s Numbers Up Prediction

@FUTMilkydinho has gone for a more focused approach, including a few of the names mentioned before but with some notable additions: including 99 pace Ramos and Bernardo Silva. Lots of the predictions out there seem pretty pace-heavy, but with the meta the way it is, pace is always going to be the most attractive stat.

They’re also predicting an objectives Ferran Torres card with 99 pace, which looks pretty usable – and a Pogba SBC with 99 dribbling. Can you imagine? He would be absolutely everywhere. You’d have to assume that after season rewards there will be so many players with fodder to burn, so we expect a popular, but overpriced, SBC to come out this weekend.

More predictions incoming

There’s still plenty of time before the 12th November release date, so we expect plenty more hype tonight and tomorrow. We’ll be here to bring you everything as it happens, with more leaks, rumours and concept cards on the way. 

As always, we’re expecting this promo and the packs that EA release, to tank the transfer market on Friday. If you have packs left over from Rivals rewards or FUT Champs qualifying, then save them for the promo and try to cash in on valuable, overhyped cards as they come out. The web apps and companion apps are your friend here, just do whatever you have to do to avoid paying for FIFA Points. 

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