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Overwatch 2: Are you team 5v5 or 6v6?

Written by Stakester
3 Jun, 2021

Pick your side and gear up for the new maps and gameplay changes for Overwatch 2?

We’ve seen Overwatch change and develop a lot; from new maps to the addition of new characters and gameplay modes. Now that Overwatch 2 is on the horizon, the hype train is chugging away and people are powering up. That means sneak peeks of character design, new maps and a totally new PVP change. 

6v6 to 5v5

Before we dive into the maps and updated character designs, let’s take a look at the 5v5 games that have us going Whole Hog! We’re used to the 6v6 quick play mode in Overwatch — 2 tanks, 2 healers and 2 damage players. A new game format of 5v5 will be coming to Overwatch 2, so kiss a shield goodbye because every game will have 1 tank per team.

The community is in two minds about this news, some fans are furious about these changes and even created a petition to show their outrage.  But it’s not all bad news – players will see  increased speed, support will have passive healing and tanks now have reduced knockback! 

Long time players might be surprised by this change, considering the formula hasn’t changed in Competitive or Quick Play games for five years. Honestly, it’s anybody’s guess  what this will do for the future in terms of Overwatch’s play style. We can imagine that the tank mains will have a harder time adjusting and the absence of one tank will make a whole lot of difference.

Stunning maps and dapper designs

New, more detailed locations have people falling in love, and the updated character models look more interesting than ever before. We’ve seen how far the map designs have developed in Overwatch, but now we’re seeing them with new graphics and higher frame rates – with new locations in Rio de Janeiro, New York City, Rome and Monte Carlo!

As for the character redesigns, the team have generously provided a before and after for each new character’s design. From Widowmaker’s new hair and style, to Reinhardt’s man bun and shiny new armour, you can tell they went above and beyond. So far we’ve seen 12 heroes, but we expect to see more. If you want to take a look at your favourite characters like Tracer, Reaper and McCree, then check it out.

An announcement from the shadows

If you’re not quite ready to make the transition to Overwatch 2 just yet, don’t worry because the original shooter is still getting some attention. Last week, we heard about some possible changes that might come to Overwatch —  the game’s director Aaron Keller has said that a “large feature” will be dropping very soon. 

Over the years we’ve been hoping for crossplay to finally make its way to Overwatch, and it’s well overdue. The track record shows that it might just be another set of nerfs and buffs — maybe Hanzo’s arrow hitbox will finally be reduced after all these years? Whatever it may be, it’s coming very soon, and we expect more information at E3.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to stay in the loop then keep an eye out for the latest news drops on our blog. Follow us on Twitter or Reddit for updates, or if you’re looking for a new group of gamers then join us on Discord!

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