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Good news, Rocket League fans: play for cash and prizes in extended Season 2!

Written by Stakester
11 Mar, 2021

Rocket League: Season 2 continued. Grab the rewards and win cash and prizes.

Looking to make your SocCar sessions a little more interesting? Try playing Rocket League for cash and prizes. Got the blues thinking you missed the season challenges? Not to worry, champ. Rev that engine and get ready for the instant replay of Rocket League’s Season 2 – which is incidentally available to play on Stakester!

To the surprise of everyone, Psyonix have extended this season until the 7th of April. Now you have more time grind to that rank you’ve always dreamed of! Will you be a Grand Champion or a Super Sonic legend? You’ve got some extra time to reap the rewards that Rocket League has in store this season and enjoy the mayhem you might’ve missed. And you can always take it up a notch with Stakester and enjoy the extended season against your mates.

Psyonix have also revealed the latest Competitive Rewards: new boosts to improve your vehicle and give you an upper hand in that 1v1 against that one competitive friend – you know which one. Each reward is different depending on your rank, so we hope you’ve been working hard this season.

If not, there’s still time to make up for it before Season 3 drops! Now is the time to finish what you started and accelerate to the top before your Tournament Credits are reset and become All-Star cups. Keep your eyes on the ball, take the shot and make us proud, you absolute legend.

Did you become a Super Sonic Legend this season? Show off your new title and play Rocket League for cash and prizes on the Stakester app today! Whether in a 1v1 or Rumble mode, gather your friends together and rise through the ranks for in-game rewards, and cash and prizes!

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