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Pro Clubs Meta Build: Predictions for FIFA 22

Written by Stakester
14 May, 2021

We all know that Pro Clubs is the forgotten younger brother of Ultimate Team and Career Mode, but it’s one of the best ways to play FIFA with the boys. So today, we’ve got some real analysis for the Pro Clubs nerds out there, to show you what we think the meta might look like next season. Plus – you could take some of these handy tips for your current pro right now!

And yes, we admit it. We’ve only done the glory positions. We figure if you’re the type to play CB on Pro Clubs then you don’t need our help!

Out and Out Striker

It’s stating the obvious, but pace dominates in FIFA 21 Pro Clubs. That rules out any player over 6 foot (sorry Crouchy!) especially when you go up the divisions. So, for a ST, keep the height at 5’4 and the weight at 119lbs. This will not only give you a boost in speed and acceleration, but you’ll also see gains in agility and stamina. As for the breakdown in skill point distribution, we recommend the following:

Physical: leave this skill tree empty, your small size will mean that you already have a decent base stamina. As for strength and jumping – come on, you’re 5’4, you’re not going to body a midfielder or beat a centre-half in the air anyway!

Defending: strikers are here to wow our teammates with quick dribbling and brag about the worldies we score! Leave the defending skill tree empty and save those precious skill points.

Dribbling: max out everything apart from ball control speciality. When you can’t beat the defender with your pace then you can rely on your quick feet and 5 star skills to get through. Agility and balance are also crucial in pro clubs – you’ll see your goal tally drop off without them.

Passing: we recommend leaving this one empty too, keep it simple with short passing in games and you won’t suffer too much. Leave the assists to your mate who thinks he’s KDB, you’re here to score goals!

Shooting: let’s keep this simple. You want to be able to strike the ball from anywhere so make sure you have long shots, shot power and weak foot maxed out. With these stats applied you’re going to be every keeper’s worst nightmare.

Pace: be sure to couple your small stature with maxed out sprint speed and acceleration. This should give you 97 acceleration and 98 sprint speed for starters! Pace is so OP in this game mode and you’ll be running defences ragged in the lower divisions.

Will we see a similar build in FIFA 22?

In the next installment of EA Sports’ blockbuster game, we think pace might get nerfed a little bit. We imagine that a similar build could be successful in the game, but you’ll probably have to transfer some of the skill points from pace to physicality. 

Box to Box Midfielder

If you’re playing midfield in Pro Clubs it’s much more exciting to be running riot at both ends of the pitch. So, we recommend that you play box to box and imitate some of the greats that have graced world class teams in the past.

For the general build you’ll want to select the CM position, make your player 5’8 and 169lbs – these initial stats will mean you have the pace and stamina to make it up and down the pitch, but also the strength to let the opposition know you’re there.

Physical: max each stat tree apart from the solid player trait. Physicality is a huge part of a box to box player’s game and you’ll reap the rewards of having these skills maxed; even at 5’8 you’ll win most headers with 91 jumping – you leaping salmon!

Defending: someone has to take on the role of the tough tackling Roy Keane in midfield, and that someone is you. Make sure you max out everything apart from the final 2 slide tackling skills. With 87 interceptions and 83 standing tackle you’re going to be a brick wall in the middle of the park. 

Dribbling: you want your agility and balance high enough so that you can be nippy on the attack. You’ll be able to breeze past attackers and defenders alike and be that key link in your team’s build up play. Boosting your dribbling and having 4 star skill moves will add a touch of class to your play as well, you’ll look elegant as you dance towards your opponent’s goal.

Passing: As a box to box CM, your short passing is particularly important. For that reason you’re going to want to max that skill out. Add in the extra long passing trait on the right skill tree and you should end up with 90 short passing and 89 long passing – you’ll be spreading the play like butter!

Shooting: as much as it is fun to smash in all the goals for your team, boosting your shooting stats isn’t needed for this build; your skills are better used elsewhere. Leaving the shooting skill tree empty will still leave you with 84 long shots, 83 volleys and 83 fk accuracy – more than enough to get your Gerrard on from time to time!

Pace: Now because you’re 5’8, you’re going to have a fair bit of pace already, however, your game is all about being one of the quickest up and down the pitch. Therefore, we suggest that you increase your acceleration to around the 84 mark and your sprint speed to 87. 

Will we see a similar build in FIFA 22?

As we stated earlier, we expect pace to take a back seat in the next game. You might want to redistribute some skill points to other areas, especially shooting. Applying skill points to your finishing stat will make you much more of a threat in and around the box on FIFA 22!

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