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Rediscover the Charm of These 3 Warzone Locations!

Written by Stakester
4 Mar, 2021

Warzone’s map may have remained almost untouched since its release, but there are some old spots that have never lost their charm. Additions like bunkers, the train and Shipwreck are all great fun, but so is rediscovering the OG Warzone locations. So in this post, we’ll take a look at 3 potential nostalgic sites for your next landing zone!

Storage Town

Topping the list is a personal favourite of ours. Storage town is loaded with loot, contracts and 2 potential ‘buy station’ locations; you’ll be able to loot up and buy in a loadout drop quickly and easily here. On top of that, the fighting at Storage Town is both intense and exciting thanks to the tight alleyways and many hiding spots around this part of the map. Add to that the potential of rooftop fighting and you have an adrenaline junkie’s dream.

Stakester Rating: 10/10


For a slower paced start to a game head to Dam – in particular the houses around the lake – where you’ll most likely find yourself alone and free to build up your inventory and ammunition before heading to fight. After that you can head to the Dam itself where you’ll have one of the best sniping platforms in the game!

Stakester Rating: 7/10


There is plenty of looting to be done at Port and, like Storage Town, it has an interesting fighting dynamic; multiple rooftops and cranes mean battles can be fought just as easily above the ground. Port’s location between Prison, Shipwreck and Downtown means that you will usually encounter enemies on their way to zone – easy pickings!

Stakester Rating: 8/10

Take your pick from these 3 Warzone locations the next time you drop into Verdansk. You might just discover a new favourite!

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