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Rulebreakers leaks: Dembele, TAA and Kessie

Written by Stakester
29 Oct, 2021

We take a look at the Ultimate Team cards that leaked on TikTok today.

It’s Friday October 29 and Rulebreakers is almost here. The servers are going to crash, the transfer market’s going to crash and EA Sports are in for a long night – but we still can’t wait for the first major promo of the year. 

TikToker Casprohd has put out a video claiming to show several Rulebreakers cards ahead of the 6pm release – and there are some awesome stat boosts and position changes in there! We’re here to take you through them.

Harry Maguire – 87

The Manchester United skipper is famously immobile IRL and in-game – until now! With a +32 pace upgrade (you read it right) this version of Maguire is going to play like Varane. Solid defensive and physicals make him look like a walking brick wall in defence and decent passing means he can play out of the back. If you pack him, you’ll be laughing.

Lewandowski – 93

God tier cards already for the beast from the Bundesliga. A slight downgrade in shooting is more than made up in better shooting and a +12 pace upgrade. He’s already pretty difficult to play against, but that pace stat brings this card into the top tier meta category. He is going to be very pricey. 

Jorginho – 88

Our favorite of the leaked cards, this brings a completely unusable gold card back into the game. He could use an extra half a yard of pace IRL, but this +25 upgrade will do just fine in FIFA. A slight boost brings him to 89 passing, but 76 DEF and 75 PHY are definitely something to worry about. Still, slap a shadow on him and he’ll be a serious box to box CM.

Franck Kessie – 88 – CB

The AC Milan man was a firm favourite in the early game, and this potential CB version is going to shore up some Serie A defences. With 83 PACE, 84 DRI, 86 DEF and 90 PHY (we had to sit down after just writing those!) he’s going right in the top drawer. We know this year isn’t Halloween themed, but this card is just scary good.

Trent Alexander-Arnold – 89 – CM

In a nod to his FIFA 20 shapeshifters card, TAA is back in midfield. With 82 PACE, 91 PAS and 84 DEF, he’ll easily be one of the best box to box CMs the premier league has to offer. The fact that Trent could easily play in this position in real life only makes the card more desirable. Expect an eye-watering price.

Philipe Coutinho – 85

Barca’s forgotten man gets a +16 pace upgrade! LW is pretty underserved in La Liga, with RTTK Danjuma andIF Vini Jr the only real high level options. So we can expect to see a lot of players try him out. Probably not the sexiest choice, but a potential hidden gem of a card.

Ousmane Dembele – ??

This one might be wishful thinking – there’s no credible leak to suggest the FC Barcelona winger be included, but people really want him! Honestly, we think he’d be way too cracked for this stage of the game and we hope he’s not on that loading screen later on. But, if you’ve got a La Liga team, he’d surely be the dream item this week.

Still, the promo formerly known as Ultimate Scream has been known to throw up some surprises! He could be coming to your FIFA Ultimate Team loading screen later on today. Stay tuned for more updates!

We hope you enjoy the promo tonight, whether you’re on the companion app or glued to your console. Just remember to take it easy on the FIFA points, you aren’t trying to buy the Champions League!

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