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Sarah² Episode 2 🐶

Written by Stakester
9 Jul, 2020

Putin, puppies and coronavirus cocktail masks, this week’s a good’un…

Happy Thursday one and all and welcome to your second glorious instalment of Sarah². If last week was anything to go by, then now you know that when it comes to these two Stakester Sarahs, nothing is off the table. Don’t believe us? Check out this week’s episode below, where Saz gives the world a lot more viewing action than they bargained for. She says it was unintentional, but we know this girl will do anything for downloads…

Gave it a watch? You have to admit, it’s one hell of a lot better when Sarah actually does her job and sorts out the sound quality, right? From Putin, bear-riding and coronavirus cocktail masks, these two don’t half enjoy hunting down the most weird and wonderful legends who back themselves no matter what. And how about that show from Saz without even having to take her out for dinner? What can we say, the girl is from Newcastle after all!

Happy Hair GIF

Once again, we hope you enjoyed it just as much as they did creating it — and if you’re an absolute hero who’s backed themselves recently, then let us know so we can give you a shoutout on the show!

So, until next week’s injection of pure Sarah² entertainment, stay safe, stay healthy and don’t forget to download the Stakester app!

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