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Sarah² Episode 6 ğŸŽ‰

Written by Stakester
14 Aug, 2020

Saz turns 30 and shares her wisdom. You better work b*tch…

This week we’ll keep it short and sweet (like our resident pocket rocket Saz) and let the Sarah² episode do all the talking. This week Saz touches upon turning 30 and what it’s taken to get there – although there’s one hell of a lot more to it than she makes out, but you’ll get the gist! Obviously there’s more to the episode than that, but we’ll let you find out for yourself…

To put a long story short; if you don’t back yourself and put the work in, then you’ve got to remember, there’s no one else doing it for you! Put the graft in, believe in yourself and show the confidence whilst doing so, because believe us when we say, the rest will follow suit!

So in the mean time, stay safe, back yourself and don’t forget to download the Stakester app!

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