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Sarah² Episode 8 💪🏼

Written by Stakester
16 Sep, 2020

It’s time to meet the man who backed himself like no other…

Ever heard of Jack Garbarino? How about The Movement? Well if you’re ready for some feel-good “inspiration” this fine Sunday, then look no further than this week’s Sarah².

We’ve gotta warn you, this story is actually unbelievable…in the most hilarious way possible, of course! But we’ll not give too much away – give it a watch right now…

Obviously it was only right that we paid tribute to the world’s beloved Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman. A superhero both on and off the big screen, this man was a true inspiration to us all. Not only did he portray the kind of strength and determination we’re all about here at Stakester, but this sad tragedy is also a prime example of why everyone should always be kind – because you never know the struggles someone could be going through.

So, with that being said, make sure to stay safe, be kind, hug your loved ones and join our amazing Stakester community full of like-minded legends!

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