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Sarah² Episodes 4 & 5 with a Twist 😜

Written by Stakester
22 Jul, 2020

This week there’s something a little different about Saz…

We know what you’re thinking…“where the hell’s my dosage of Sarah² been at?!” Well fear not, dearest Stakester Squad, because this week you’re in for a treat! Not only are we dishing up two episodes of your beloved Sarah², but we’re also combining it with our Motivational Monday!

At Stakester, we’re not only about backing ourselves, but we also love backing everyone else too – and that’s why this week we’re giving a huge shoutout to our very own Videographer, Sarah.

A few weeks ago Saz, our Head of Brand, was unable to film (and despite what Sarah says, not because she went to jail) but did that stop Sarah? Hell no! In fact, this girl backed herself so much so, she decided to play both parts. Yes, that’s right, the purple wig was bought, the fake tattoos were painted on and the show did indeed go on. But we’ll not go into too much detail – why don’t you see for yourself…

Yes we know, we struggle to understand her too, but the point is she knew she could do it, she pushed herself and by god she did it! And believe us, she is one busy gal! So bravo Sarah, a true representation of what Stakester’s all about!

Now we know we’re usually hitting you up with inspirational celebrities, sporting figures and the likes, but it’s always good to recognise the hard work that goes on in our day-to-day lives. So be like Sarah and back yourself, believe in yourself and kick this week’s ass! Oh, and tune into the latest Sarah² where Saz makes her grand return.

And that’s it from us! Stay safe, stay healthy and don’t forget to download the Stakesterapp

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