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FIFA 22 Summer swaps leaks plus Shapeshifters Team 2 predictions

Written by Stakester
23 Jun, 2022

This summer, EA Sports are going all-out with content! The biggest swaps of all time, plus Shapeshifters Ronaldo in Team 2 on Friday June 24th

Introducing FIFA 22 Summer Swaps 

This summer, FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is taking it to the next level. The start date for Summer Swaps is unconfirmed, but we do know that you will be able to earn tokens – 50 of them – until July 25th. No rewards have been leaked yet, but the concepts are already flying around FIFA Twitter. Plus, we’ve got some Shapeshifters Team 2 predictions from our old pal FUTSheriff.

It sounds like a really exciting idea, FUT usually dies at this time of year, so it’s great to see that EA Sports is trying out a massive swaps event to keep players engaged and keep content fresh. But, the one thing we know is – nobody’s playing Squad Battles for swaps tokens in July. So fingers crossed for easy objective tokens, plus as many as possible in cheap SBCs.

Winter Wildcards and both TOTS swaps were hugely successful this year. The ability to get more of those heavy 84×25 or 85×20 packs is an awesome development and long may it continue. Grinding those packs has been by far the best value move in FIFA 22 and we’re hoping to pack some more monsters as the summer progresses.

Shapeshifters Team 2 Predictions

Overall, Team of the Season was a huge W for us, with lots of chances to pack high rated players. The Shapeshifters promo seems like a second win on the bounce, with great cards like 99 Lionel Messi, Heung Min Son at ST and ST Davies. Skill & weak foot upgrades, plus position changes always make for a good promo. And Team 2 looks just as exciting.

LW Ronaldo

Let’s be honest, Cristiano Ronaldo is the king of FIFA. The man has the perfect skills balance for the game and any special card is going to be outrageous. With a position change to LW and a 99 rating, this one is going to be very highly sought after and a good opponent for 99 Messi.

Your chances of packing this guy are going to be very low, but even at this late stage it could make your year in FIFA. Expect 5* skills, 5* WF, unerring finishing and ridiculous dribbling. Simply put, what a card.

ST Marcelo

Marcelo’s FUT Captains card was extinct for a while and still sits at 1m coins. This could be the Brazilian’s last appearance in FUT, so it’s not hard to see why demand is high. The 5* skills and WF don’t hurt either. 

An ST version with a serious shooting boost would make him one of the most fun items in the game. Plus, he would be an iconic addition to any squad, having earned the status of a true FUT legend over the years.

Timo Werner

Chelsea’s exile from FIFA is officially over! Timo Werner will be making an appearance in Team Two. We’ve got no indication of his position yet – but looking at his record, we’re predicting he’ll be at LW. 

His ST item was broken at the very start of the game cycle, plus we got a UCL item that sat at almost a million coins in November. But, at this stage of the game, things are different. There are so many broken LWs that it’s hard to see this Werner item at the top of the price range. One for the Chelsea fans.

Guerreiro SBC Pick

We love a pick SBC! And both of these Rafa Guerreiro options look pretty solid: he’ll run games at CM with top tier pace and passing, while the RB represents a great option that isn’t nerfed by the existence of Alphonso Davies.

For our money, the RB version will probably make a better CDM. But, either one of these guys could be a good addition for your club if the price is right.

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