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Stakester Euro 2020 Score Predictions: Paul the Octopus II

Written by Stakester
18 Jun, 2021

Data from the Stakester community has correctly predicted two results so far. Are we the Second Coming of Paul the Octopus?

Who remembers Paul the Octopus? The loveable 8 limbed fella (six arms and two legs, bet you didn’t know that!), who managed to predict 12 of 14 World Cup matches in 2010, became something of an international cult hero. 

Sadly, Paul is no longer with us (RIP), and attempts to recreate his psychic worldwide fame have since proved futile; Rabio the Octopus predicted all of Japan’s group stage results at the 2018 World Cup, before he was killed and sent to market – with Japan then rightfully crashing out of the competition following his death (also RIP).

But, the wait for the second coming of Paul the Octopus is over! So far, Stakester, more accurately the win-rate of Stakester users, has a 100% success rate when predicting results. Can we make it 3 for 3 when England take on Scotland tonight?

England vs Croatia 

Stakester Data for England vs Croatia matches in which England won 65.8% of games.

We started off with the England ‘s opening match against Croatia. As you can see, England stormed away with this one, winning  65.8% of the games. It wasn’t as clear cut in the actual match though, with England only winning by one goal, but definitely showing more class over the full 90. But a win’s a win, and we’re taking it!

France vs Germany

Stakester data for France vs Germany games in which France won 58.7% of games.

Second was France vs Germany. Stakester’s French players won 58.7% of the games when competing against Germans on our app. Interestingly, both nationalities mainly used French teams in their competitions – this French dominance is something that carried over to the real life game, with France making Germany look like schoolboys throughout the tie and keeping a clean sheet to boot. 2 for 2!

England vs Scotland

Stakester data for England vs Scotland games in which Scotland won 54.5% of games.

Third on the list is England vs Scotland. Okay, we know what you’re saying, predicting the favourites in each game so far isn’t exactly rocket science. BUT, this fixture is where it gets interesting; Scottish players on Stakester have beaten their English counterparts 54.5%. So,  Stakester officially predicts that the underdogs are going to win the United Kingdom’s most highly anticipated game of the group stage – you heard it here first! 

If we pull this one off then the octopus fancy dress is coming out! ‘Mon the Tartan Army! 

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