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Stakester at Pocket Gamer Connects: the wall of fame

Written by Stakester
22 Feb, 2022

Were you one of our winners? Find your score and your photo here:

We had an amazing time at Pocket Gamer Connects last week, but more importantly – we brought that Stakester winning feeling! In a room full of leaflets and lanyards, we put the game in Pocket Gamer, with our combination basketball challenge (we’re at 1:04 at the video).

Players had 10 shots on an actual physical mini basketball hoop – trust us, it’s harder than it looks! Then, prospective champions had to move over to a phone on the stand, for a game of QuickDunk: the objective, to try and score as many baskets as possible in one minute.

Competition was fierce, but the winners got a deserved celebration: a combined score of 20 or above got you a medal, a picture with the Stakester trophy, party poppers and a round of applause from the team. Just spare a thought for the people in the booth next door.

After two days and more than 50 winners, the final whistle blew and the game was over. But, the winners names will live on in the history books – and on this handy Google Drive, where you can find your picture if you visited us!

The big winner: José


Walking away with a Fitbit and a combined score of 59, José showed the skills and the mindset of a true champion. Humble in victory, he fully deserved the win for the highest score of the event by quite a distance.

After a bad start to the offline game, he absolutely smashed it at Quick Dunk and wrote his name into the Stakester history books. He’ll be counting his steps like winner from now on.

Honourable mention: Michael from Kwalee

Scoring an amazing 10 from 10 on the basketball hoop, we had to mention Michael. Nobody else – including our own team, who played about 1000 times over the event – managed to score 10 in a row. This was an elite performance.

But, there was still the Quick Dunk round to go. Somehow, the best baller at the conference failed to make the leaderboard. Much as we love it, we know you can’t win them all; so well done Michael for an amazing IRL performance.

The Leaderboard

As the old saying goes, there’s no Fitbit for second best. But, to honour those who tried and fell just short, we’ve got the official Stakester leaderboard.

So if you made it, it’s time to bask in your own glory. If you didn’t, there’s always next time! We know we’ll be back – and if you have that Stakester mentality we know you will too!

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