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Stakester VIP Cheat Codes: meet the team

Written by Stakester
24 Mar, 2022

Head of Customer Success Danie Ferrusi and Social Media Manager Rory Cook share their thoughts on the project.

As the Stakester VIP project gathers momentum, we’ll be speaking to team members about the project: We’ll be finding out all about their hopes, what they’re excited about and what they’ve learned so far. Keep an eye out for more of these as we get closer to the reveal date. 

Meet Danie 

To start, we’ve got our Head of Customer Success, Danie Ferrusi has really thrown herself into the world of NFTs. She had never bought one prior to the project launch and now she owns 3! Ask on the Discord and she’ll give you some tips – but we sat down to talk to her about Stakester VIP Cheat Codes:

Straight away, Danie highlighted the similarities between gamers owning a piece of exclusivity – like rare skins or buying early access into a beta – with owning an NFT. The concept of customizables is really embedded in Gaming communities, with NFTs representing the next step in the evolution. 

“As a company and a product, we know we have all of this utility power, like allowing holders of our NFTs to play for higher money amounts & exclusive prizes, access to exclusive lobbies or chat features and even just to flaunt their status on their profile. The conceptual symmetry is really nice: it’ll greatly enhance our user experience in a way that is immediately recognisable to anyone who has ever played games.”

She also pointed out that it’s really a chance to bring people in and experience the future of the Stakester app. “Plus, the prospect of giving our customers a seat at the table in the decision making process is really exciting.”

Meet Rory

Rory Cook, our Social Media & Influencer Manager, is a pretty serious FIFA player – which heavily informed his view of the project. Commenting on the lack of ‘real value’ many games have, Rory pinpointed another key area we’re looking to service with VIP Cheat Codes.

Lots of games offer in-game value, with their own currencies or even NFT-style content. What is FUT if not a giant, playable NFT marketplace? The only problem is, the NFTs aren’t worth anything (unless you’re an enterprising EA employee!) Naturally, many games have sprung up with in-game items that can be exchanged for crypto or traditional currency.

But that style of game requires really committing to the in-game universe, our project is about adding value on the IRL side of the equation. “If you can play for real money – but like real real money – without committing to grinding hours on end to carve out a place in the in-game world, then obviously that’s a great idea. But, if you can earn money without even playing, or play for amounts that really make a difference in your life… let’s just say I wish I had that when I was 17 and was still good at FIFA.”

Up next 🚀

We’ll be discussing the marketing plan (that’ll be a long one!) and roadmap updates with two more of the VIP Cheat Codes team. See you next time!

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