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Content Creators Cup – what’s the charity and where is it?

Written by Stakester
24 Jun, 2022

As we look forward to the charity clash, we check out who’s playing and remember why we’re doing this!

This Sunday, on the 26th of June, some of your favourite content creators from YouTube and TikTok will be going head to head in one of the year’s most anticipated charity football games. 

With social media superstars like Luke Bennett and Morgz on the pitch, it’s easy to get caught up in the on-field action – but this event is all about the greater good, so let’s shine a spotlight on The Creator Cup’s partner charity!

Cancer Research UK

Even though the charity was only formed in 2002, their story actually started 120 years ago with the foundation of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund. Since then, they’ve helped millions of people in the fight against Cancer, and it’s their goal to help millions more!

Since its foundation, Cancer Research UK has managed to make the survival rate of Cancer jump from 1 in 4, up to 2 in 4. But they don’t want to stop their – with the help of donations, it’s their goal to have the survival rate tick past 3 in 4 by the year 2034.

How the Content Creators Cup will help

Collectively, the players involved in the Content Creators Cup have tens of millions of followers – this is pivotal in getting as many eyes as possible on Cancer Research UK! Last year, the event raised thousands through donations and ticket sales, and they’re aiming to break last year’s total this weekend.

On top of the efforts from the Content Creators Cup team, Stakester will also be rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in pitch-side. We’ll be giving the players extra challenges, like “guess the flag” and X, for the chance to earn even more money for the charity!

Where is the Content Creators Cup? 

The charity game will take place on the 26th of June at Ilkeston Town FC’s New Manor Ground.

What time is kick off?

Kick off will be at 2PM, but gates will open at 12:45.

How can I watch it?

You can buy your tickets here, it’s £10 a head, but there’ll also be a livestream on Content Creators Cup’s YouTube channel.

Who’s Stakester?

Stakester are the lead sponsor of the event, we’re a mobile app that allows people to compete for money and prizes on their favourite console games and mobile games. We’re also the creators of the brand new FIFA series Tuesday Night FIFA!

Who is the favourite to win?

Team TT are the reigning champions after they thrashed Team YT 8-3 last year. TikTok will be feeling very confident going into this one, but YouTube will definitely be out for revenge this year!

What are the lineups?

For Team TikTok, the biggest names are Luke Bennett, Angry Ginge and futcrunch. Over on Team YouTube, the biggest stars are ChrisMD, Morgz and Danny Aarons.

Check out the full lineups here!

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