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The latest FIFA 23 leaks: new features to be announced!

Written by Stakester
5 Jul, 2022

Summer can only mean one thing – the death of FIFA 22 and the arrival of FIFA 23 leaks!

Thos with access to insiders say that EA Sports will officially announce FIFA 23 in the middle of July. With that announcement, you can expect the FIFA 23 leaks to really ramp up, but we already have some of the latest news to share with you. FIFA 23 will be the final game in the EA Sports/FIFA partnership, and they’ll absolutely look to end the era with a bang; expect some awesome new features in addition to improvements to gameplay!

Brand new Ultimate Team features

The headline here is that chemistry is changing! Top leakers have already had access to FIFA 23’s code, and have found that the chemistry system is changing to a star system – it’s very early days, and more information hasn’t been leaked, but our guess is the link one player has to another will be ranked out of five stars, depending on nationality, league, team and position.

On the topic of positions, modifier cards will be done away with. Unfortunately, this means that we’re all going to have a much harder time building a hybrid team, in particular fitting in those players from less popular countries. Instead of modifiers, all players will come with a secondary position, which will heavily restrict just how flexible you can be with your players.

FIFA’s cross-platform capabilities are also receiving a boost, meaning that FUT will be one platform for Playstation, Xbox and PC. It’s likely that there will just be one transfer market which caters for all platforms – which means you can stop being jealous of your mates who are able to snap up players for 100k cheaper than you!

Most excitingly, FUT World Cup mode is making a return, and the cherry on top of the cake is it will be free! Our interpretation of the mode being ‘free’ is that you won’t be required to spend coins on the temporary game mode, especially since the World Cup will be taking place just before Team of the Year – that means you can hoard all of those coins for the promo.

Online Career Mode

That’s not the only addition including a free-to-play rumour. There is also the outside chance that there will be a free-to-play online Career Mode. In the past, if we’ve wanted to get the true football simulation experience, we’ve had to play career mode by ourselves. But now, EA might be about to treat us to Online Career mode! Just imagine being able to take on your mates in the Premier League with official teams – being able to take the intensity of the Manchester derby up a notch, or even battling it out in negotiations over the league’s next wonderkid.

The latest Icons

There have been a few Icon names doing the rounds on social media too:

Zico: The greatest Brazilian to never win a World Cup. Zico was an attacking midfielder who had clinical finishing and some of the best passing in the game. He played for Flamengo for the majority of his career, but also had a spell with Udinese and finished his career with Kashima Antlers. In 333 games, he scored 192 goals.

Yaya Toure: The City legend who didn’t get his cake and eat it! Yaya was arguably the incredible driving force behind Man City’s first push for the Premier League tile, and he’ll be forever remembered in the blue half of Manchester.

Batistuta: Affectionately known as ‘Batigol’ by his fans, he’s undoubtedly one of the greatest strikers in football history. He could strike the ball incredibly well on the volley, and in 444 games, he scored 248 goals.

David Villa: This man had an incredibly long career, appearing 718 times for club and country, and scoring 391 times. Not only was he a great striker in the domestic leagues, but also on the international stage, where he was a menace to every opposition team he faced!

A new partnership for FIFA?

We all know that FIFA 23 is set to be the last game in the EA/FIFA partnership, but FIFA has wasted no time in beginning the hunt for a new partner. Rumours are starting to pick up pace about FIFA launching a new partnership with EA’s biggest rivals and developers of PES/eFootball, Konami. This could be horrific news for FIFA and their new EA Sports FC franchise, and it definitely looks as if there will be a few teething problems when launching their new game.

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