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The types of Weekend League players you can face

Written by Stakester
2 Nov, 2021

Experienced Ultimate Team players will know what it’s like to play against all of these, but which type of FUT Champs player are you?

The Meta Merchant

These players never – and we mean never – take a step off the Meta, so you know exactly what’s coming even if you can’t do anything about it. Their team features all of the must-have FIFA 22 players: Hakimi, Kimpembe, RTTK Fekir and – of course – the Portuguese predator himself, Renato Sanches. 

Unless you know the Meta like they do, you’re going to find it extremely hard to break them down. And the fact that they always seem to be one step ahead means you’re going to be playing on tilt for 90 mins. The key is to take deep breaths and hold your nerve – if they find they can’t predict your next move then they’ll start to panic and you can captialise.

The All-out Attacker

We really hate playing against these people, but we have to admit we respect them. Always, always lining up with the 4-2-4 – these FUT players are a different breed. They never worry too much about defending – everyone is constantly shooting out of the line to try and win the ball. Normally it’s easy to play through, but sometimes they catch you out. And then you’re in for a long match.

Endless driven passes and through balls leave you constantly on the back foot. If you don’t hang tough and stay sharp you can really get smashed. The key to facing this opponent is not to get drawn into the end-to-end contest: that’s their way of playing and (chances are) they’re better at it than you. Slow and steady will always win this race.

The Keep-ball King

One thing still missing from FIFA 22 is a coherent pressing system. Constant pressure can cause havoc for the final 10 mins but it’s not a sustainable way to play – your opponent just has to wait for frustration to kick in and open you up. Which is exactly what these guys want to do. 

Without a doubt the most rage-inducing type of opposition, the Keep-ball King exists solely to wind you up until you make a mistake. It’s so hard to coordinate a press that they can pretty effortlessly keep the ball and keep you away from their goal. The key with these players is not to go behind: if you go 1-0 up, their calm facade will peel away and they’ll start coughing up possession. Go 1-0 down and you’ll be sweatily chasing after the ball for the next 12 minutes.

The Casual

Plays like someone who just realised they’re sitting in the wrong classroom, but is too scared to get up and leave. They’re just shell shocked: they weren’t prepared for this level of intensity and you can finish them off as quickly or slowly as you like. The presence of outdated players, slow passing and a total lack of skill moves gives these players away immediately. 

What you have to respect about the casual is their desire to stay in the game and play it out. You might be 7-0 up and they’ll still celebrate like mad when Gabi Jesus finally bangs them a goal. You wonder where they get the strength to pick up and go again, but you have to salute them after the match ends. Plus, you know they’ll somehow get better Champs Player Picks than you. GG mate, GG.

The Purist

A classic FIFA player, with a well-rounded playstyle. They aren’t too tactical or desperate for the win, so you might actually get a good game out of them! These are the moments when we remember why we play FIFA in the first place – the ebb and flow is so close to real football that you just want to play that game forever.

But someone has to come out on top, and the purist’s dedication to style is usually their undoing. When you’re up against these guys, a bit of pragmatism and shithousery usually does the trick. They’ll be enraged by anything they perceive as unfair, and it’ll drive them to make mistakes. You don’t feel good about beating a purist, but from Friday to Sunday four points are the most important thing there is.

The Pro

Class on virtual grass, these players seem to be on another level. You can only sit back and admire it as they smash you with their amazing teams and score goals that you didn’t know were possible in the game. It’s hard to be too annoyed when you’ve just been outclassed by a better player. 

There’s a lot to be learned from these matches though, as you can pick up some of the tricks they use to smash you into oblivion. Plus, the more you test your skills against players like this, the more you’ll improve and one day – ONE DAY – maybe you’ll be able to beat them. Stranger things have happened!

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