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Three Important Rocket League rules all beginners must know

Written by Stakester
17 Nov, 2021

Brush up on the basics for this soccar classic. Here’s three important rules you need to know!

Rocket League is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Seasoned players and beginners share one thing in common: they have to constantly up their game in order to compete. It’s hard to believe that it’s been six years since Rocket League burst onto our screens, and this driving/football mashup shows no signs of slowing down. 

So, from the most important basics to the sacred, unwritten Rule number 1 of Rocket League (no, it’s not that you don’t talk about Rocket League) we’ve got a quick list of three tips to solidify your game. This is a great guide to come back to if you ever start to feel a bit lost, and you need to take your game back to basics.

Position and control

Position, commitment and control are the key elements for success in Rocket League. So you need to make sure that you get a real feel for your car before you dive into the online arena. Play around and learn how to control your vehicle: you can do this to your heart’s content in training mode. Once you have access to the basic tutorials, you can also try out different vehicles to find out which one suits your playstyle the best.

You need a grasp on the game’s physics and gravity in order to score goals, and learn how to rotate effectively in a sticky situation. You can jump, fly and turn your car in whatever direction you please: so take advantage of it. By practising all of this in training mode, you can learn how to score goals without any pesky opponents getting in your way. Use this pressure-free environment to learn some powerful moves that will increase your overall skill level.

Arena control is everything in Rocket League. Take control of the corners of the map and you’ll make it difficult for your opponent to score. However, it can be tough if you and your  team mate get caught in the same corner — it leaves too much room for your opponent to take the ball and score. Remember: never leave the middle of the arena wide open. Stick to this strategy to avoid taking any cheap losses.

And while you’re in the corner, you can grab some corner boosts or jolts! This can help you get the ball out of the corner on your side of the arena and into the center again. Alternatively, if you’re fighting in the opposing team’s corner you can steal a few sneaky boosts from them and try to nick a goal. 

Once you master these basics, the Ws are going to start to pile up. Sooner or later, you’ll be mastering insane moves like @Yamaimo_YMTO and this quad dash, where they controledl their vehicle on just two wheels!

Communication and teamwork

Rocket League is very team-orientated — communication is just as important as your skills at the wheel. Try to work in harmony with your teammates – learn what to do if they get cornered, for a start. Without proper communication and teamwork, you’ll lose arena control pretty fast and be dealt a brutal defeat. Remember, talk is cheap!

But, about that talk. Because of the lack of microphone input, you will be limited to using quick chats in-game. This feature includes a variety of quick chat categories such as: information for your team, compliments, reactions, apologies and post game chat. You can adjust these quick chat options in the settings menu, and lock them to buttons on your keyboard or D-Pad. 

Use this game chat sparingly to communicate with your teammates — for example, you can choose an option to tell the team you’re getting a boost or going for the goal. It’s incredibly useful for kick-off, and it’s also a good way to keep things friendly (or unfriendly, if that’s more your speed) with the opponent. If you’re a good sport (like us!) you can send them a compliment for a good shot and offer a ‘GG’ at the end, regardless of the result.

Rocket League shared this image on their Twitter page which shows players a preview of these settings in-game.

Never break the lock

If you’re a beginner and you crash into your opponent head-on, don’t try to jump and rotate your vehicle away. However, this would break the unofficial Rocket League rule which is (almost) always respected: never break the lock! Players will often refer to this as ‘Rule 1’ of the game.

If your vehicles crash into one another, stay head-to-head with your opponent until it’s broken naturally. This could be another collision from a member of the team, or the giant ball that will inevitably fly into you at some point.

Although this isn’t an official rule set by Rocket League, this is a community rule which is followed by most players. Rule 1 has become such a popular rule that even Psyonix took notice, and published a Twitter poll asking what the community believes ‘Rule 1’ really is. It’s no surprise that the community came together to say: never break the lock.

If you do, you risk losing your opponent’s – and possibly your teammates’ – respect! Keep your honour (and the lock) intact and you’ll know that even in the sweatiest environment, you can count on your integrity. Even at the highest level, players in Rocket League’s eSports will respect Rule 1 too, as you can see below!

Need some more fuel?

If you need more tips, you can always take a look at our list of favourite Rocket League YouTubers. Whether  you’re a beginner or a veteran, we have five more tips and tricks to help improve your game. 

Once you master the basics and take on competitors in the arena, download the Stakester app so you test your skills and win money and prizes. We promise you’ll enjoy Rocket League on a whole new level.

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