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UPDATED: TOTS SBC Guide: Flashback Alli, TOTS Foden

Written by Stakester
9 May, 2022

Which SBCs should you do? 94 Alli review and solutions, 96 Kane review, plus is the 92+ Icon Moments SBC worth it?

TOTS means a constant stream of Ultimate Team content. We’ve all been working hard to stock our clubs, but there’s no worse feeling than wasting fodder (or FUT coins) on a player you hate in-game. So we’re here with a handy TOTS SBC guide series, to make sure you don’t make any SBC missteps.

TOTS Foden

The Man City man was curiously absent from Team of the Season, so it comes as no surprise that he gets an SBC. He has been incredible at times this season, helping Pep’s Manchester City march towards (probably) a third title in a row.

Foden’s previous items in FUT 22 have been really fun to use. His dribbling style is unpredictable, he’s quick and he can shoot. His TOTS has ridiculous acceleration, amazing balance and agility, but – and it’s only a small but – only 90 composure, which is going to be annoying in front of goal.

We love it when we’re proven right! Foden’s been given a reactions and composure boost, which makes this card a lot more desirable. That +5 composure seems like a small change, but it will make him deadly in front of goal. Boosted reactions will only help him if he’s popping up in the box – now we’re really thinking about completing him!

TOTS Flashback Dele Alli

Celebrating his FIFA 17 Team of the Season item, this flashback Alli SBC is unreal for the price! Coming in at 370k, he’s basically Gullit with Premier League links. Given that Gullit would set you back well over 1m coins, you should complete this SBC.

With 97 short passing, 97 ball control and 90 strength, he’ll be great in possession. And don’t be fooled by that shooting face stat, 94 finishing and 97 composure will make him deadly in front of goal – though he’s a bit slow to play up front. It’s hard to imagine a better box to box option for the price in FIFA 22. Every year we get a few flashback cards that are super, super juiced – and it looks like we just found another one.


Some players just aren’t made for FUT 22. Despite being one of the best strikers in the Premier League, Harry Kane is just too slow and blocky for this game. If you have a certain playstyle, you can make him work – but we wouldn’t recommend it for over 500k coins.

This SBC’s cheapest solution will fluctuate, but the fact is you need to be sure you can get the most out of him to make this one worth the price. He is an absolutely lethal finisher, but the lack of balance is going to be very annoying when you come up against top tier defenders.

92+ Prime Icon Moments SBC

There’s no greater gamble in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team than an icon upgrade SBC. The allure of the top tier players is hard to resist, but the reality is you’re more likely to pull a Rush or a Shearer than anything else.

Coming in at nearly 600k, it’s an expensive choice. For most players, completing it means mudding your club and hoping for the best. A good pull will set you up for the rest of the game, but a bad one could ruin the end of FIFA 22 for you.

The top PIM cards are really insane, but for every Cruyff, Ronaldinho and R9 there’s a Del Piero, a Baresi and a Kluivert. But, if we’re honest, we all know that we’re all going to do it if we have the fodder, so good luck everyone!

Token trackers 

And while we’re here – don’t forget about TOTS token swaps! EA Sports have got many things wrong in FIFA 22, but the token swaps promos have been a breath of fresh air. Winter Wildcards and Future Stars were great – whether you wanted to grind hard for the top rewards or half ass it for some heavy packs. There was something for every type and level of player. 

TOTS looks like it’s going to be the same, with some great rewards on offer from Community TOTS, Eredivisie TOTS, Bundesliga TOTS and Premier League TOTS. There are also plenty of heavy packs on offer, with the chance to get hold of some really good fodder. It’s a lot better than the TOTS cycle in FIFA 21, that’s for sure!

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