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TOTS WarmUp Series: your guide to the event!

Written by Stakester
21 Apr, 2022

The TOTS WarmUp Series is back in FIFA 22, here’s how you can make the most out of the event!

Team of the Season fever is here, but to keep us all from going wild and pulling a hammy when the full teams release, EA Sports have sorted us out with the TOTS WarmUp Series promo! The Series, which arrives next week (Monday 25th of April), will include a whole host of content in the build up to the Community TOTS release. Here’s what you should do if you want to use the event efficiently and increase your chances of packing a FIFA 22 TOTS player.

What is the TOTS WarmUp Series?

This event is a lead up to the release of the TOTS teams, it will involve daily Squad Building Challenges as well as upgrade SBCs and Objectives. The Series is basically a chance for you to stockpile packs and players ahead of the arrival of some of the best cards in the game.

Make the most out of TOTS WarmUp Series

Believe it or not, there are a few specific ways you should go about completing challenges and objectives during this event. So, to make sure you’re primed for the release date, follow these steps:

Complete those daily SBCs

These Squad Building Challenges are likely going to be the best return on investment in terms of the players who will be put in pack rewards. There’s the slim chance you could pack a superstar who could make it into your team, but mostly these SBCs will be great for stockpiling high-rated fodder for the TOTS SBCs.

Complete the objectives

This one is a given, but there are sure to be some great rewards on offer if you’re up to the grind!

Focus on the best upgrades for your squad

You probably don’t need us to tell you that the Serie A upgrades probably aren’t the best idea for your Prem team…

But, be sure to continue with your specific League Upgrade SBCs – don’t worry if you need to open a few of the less expensive packs to keep your club stocked up with gold cards for upgrades. 

Be careful around Community TOTS

Historically, the Community TOTS players have plummeted in value as soon as the Premier League TOTS release comes around. So, our advice would be to save all of your packs for the Team of the Season drop which most suits your team. 

DON’T invest in league specific rare golds

In years gone by, EA released league specific upgrades that required rare golds from that league to complete. Crafty FUT traders saw this as an ideal opportunity to make a few extra coins – but that is not the case this year! Do not, we repeat, do not invest in league specific rares this year, as they won’t be required for upgrades, therefore they will not rise in price!

TOTS release dates

Community: 29th April

Premier League: 6th May

Bundesliga: 13th May

La Liga: 20th May

Ligue 1: 27th May

Serie A: 3rd June

Ultimate: 10th June

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