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UEFA Euro 2020: Famous Fan Moments So Far!

Written by Stakester
2 Jul, 2021

Here at Stakester, we love people who back themselves, but we’re also mad about fans who back their country. We’ve put together a few of our favourite UEFA Euros fan moments that will no doubt live long in the memory!

Three Lions on a Shirt

This fella really gave a new meaning to the song! Early in the tournament, he was spotted in the stands sporting one of the most creatively uncreative outfits that Wembley has ever seen. This deservedly earned him his 15 minutes of Twitter fame!

8/10 – Will have definitely earned him a few free pints

Stop Look and Listen

Ah, Scotland fans in London, what a fun time that was! Less fun, however, must have been this lad’s evening after getting hit by a motorbike – definitely a sore one in the morning.

1/10 – not recommended (still great content)

Dry Your Eyes Mate

Unfortunately, the fun couldn’t last forever for Scotland and their fans – they were promptly dumped out of the group stage by a loss to Croatia in their final game. However, they left us this gem of a video as a farewell gift – that table sure showed him who’s boss!

6/10 – And a little embarrassing too!

A Swiss on a Roll

The power of football in one picture! This Swiss fan’s passion overflowed after Gavranović’s 90th minute equaliser. And his celebration has paid off – the fan has already been offered flights to the quarter-finals by Swiss Air and a Swiss travel company have gifted him a holiday once the Euros are over – shame about the travel restrictions. We’re just waiting for the record deal to be announced!

10/10 – Incredible Scenes

A King in Waiting

And waiting he was – waiting for it all to be over that is! A lot of fuss was made over Prince George “singing” the national anthem with his parents. However, we think it’s quite clear that the young lad would much rather be at home playing with his toys/riding his pony (we’re really not sure what royals get up to). After all, the song is about his great gran!

11/10 – Thug life

Bawling Over Balling

Last but not least, this young girl’s dreams were temporarily shattered when England knocked Germany out of the European championship in the round of 16 (it’s coming home). But her tears led to Twitter fame, and there has since been an ongoing cyber-row over whether a crying child is funny or not – we’ll let you decide.

In fact, some people are so ashamed of the online reaction that a fundraiser has already raised £9,000 (and counting) for her! Now we’re going to remain on the fence for this one, but we will ask where the outrage was when Germany thrashed Brazil 7-1 at the World Cup and left this kid in hysterics…

This Kid Crying Epitomizes Brazil's Heartbreakingly Inevitable Defeat - The  Atlantic

8/10 – What? She’s got 9 grand, it’s allowed to be funny now…

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