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Upgraded FUT Heroes Captains: Di Natale and Milito

Written by Stakester
8 Apr, 2022

Some of the legendary captains of the game are making a comeback to FIFA, including Di Natale!

When the FUT Captains promo was first announced, it’s safe to say that ourselves and the majority of top leakers thought that the promotion would focus on retired players (you can check out our first prediction here). But once the first leaks began to trickle through, we thought we were miles off the mark; it was players like Marco Reus and Ben Yedder who made the promo. That’s until recently, when @FutSheriff, @fut_camp and @Criminal__x began leaking the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team’s FUT Heroes Captains team!

How FUT Heroes Captains work

We only have access to the concept cards that are posted by accounts on Twitter, so the ins and outs of how these cards work may not have been discovered in the leaked code yet. But if we take a look at the cards that have been leaked, we can see that they’ll have 2 main chemistry points – nationality and league. 

This indicates that unlike Icons, who will get you at least an orange link, you might have to pull a few strings to make these cards fit seamlessly into your squad. It’s also worth noting that whilst these players may have played in multiple leagues, they’ve received a card for the league where they hit their top form.


Kicking off the roundup is Clint Dempsey. He first made his name at Fulham, where he scored 50 goals in 189 appearances, but EA Sports has opted to give him a card to celebrate his five year stint in the MLS. Whether for club or country, Dempsey became a staple in American football – nope, we refuse to use that other word – when he played for Seattle Sounders, scoring 47 goals in 115 games.

This card is great for an attacking midfielder, with all but his defending stats being around the 90 mark! In particular, we think its his pace that makes all the difference with this card; you’ll be able to hold up play with your centre forward and have Dempsey burst through the back line.


When we say Milito, you might think back to his time at Inter Milan, where he was pivotal in their treble-winning season – Not EA, though. They’ve pegged him as a legend of La Liga where Milito spent three years with Zaragoza between 2005 and 2008, scoring 53 goals in 108 games.

You can already tell that this card is going to be a top baller. Not only does he have great pace for a striker who has hit the 6ft mark, but he’s also got a nearly unstoppable shot – you’ll be able to bang them in from anywhere!


Probably not the first name you’d have put on this list, but Ljungberg makes the list for his time at Arsenal. In 241 games for the club, the swede managed 48 goals and 29 assists from out wide.

Although the stats from his time at Arsenal aren’t quite awe-inspiring, the card he is receiving in FIFA more than makes up for that! 95 pace will ensure he’s as quick as a whippet down the touchline, and his top quality passing and shooting will make him an asset who can both create goals and finish them too!

Di Natale

Here’s the card we’ve all been waiting for! Although he spent 8 years at Empoli, what Di Natale is really remembered for is his 12 year run with Udinese. During that time, he made a massive 395 appearances, and scored an incredible 191 goals. He’s definitely a legend of the Italian league and is very deserving of this card.

The stats on his card are also nothing short of world class. The 5ft 7 striker is sure to be a jack-in-the-box, with 94 pace, 95 dribbling and shooting and 91 passing to round it out. Obviously, due to his small stature, he may struggle physically, but it’s not much of an issue when he’s that quick!


We’ll update the list as the players leak. So…

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