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Warzone 2: leaks ahead of the brand new CoD game!

Written by Stakester
14 Jun, 2022

We’ve got the inside scoop on the latest Warzone 2 developments!

The legacy of Call of Duty: Warzone is huge. From Verdansk to Pacific Caldera, countless memories have been made in one of the world’s most famous and chaotic battle royales. And the great news is that the story is set to continue, with the announcement of a brand new 100 player game, built from the ground up – Warzone 2! 

We’re about to give you the lowdown on everything we know so far, including the rumoured release date of both Warzone 2 and its sister game Modern Warfare 2! 

The announcement

Activision Blizzard announced their plans for the next version of the game in their Q1 2022 Financial Results. They announced that the upcoming pay-to-play game will be a sequel to the most successful and most loved CoD game of all time: Call of Duty Modern Warfare. 

Alongside that premium game, the developers will build a brand new free-to-play game ‘from the ground up’. The new Warzone will feature “groundbreaking innovations to be revealed later this year”, which are bound to add to your Warzone experience.

When is the release date?

The Call of Duty franchise tends to launch their games in late October/early November and you can bet that Modern Warfare 2 will follow suit. The smart play is for Activision to give themselves a solid month to sell as many copies of their premium game before launching the free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone. 

That means you can expect a launch date of late November/early December (just in time for them to tempt you with Christmas-themed battle passes and unlockable content!). 

What do we know so far? 

Details at this point in time are few and far between, but what we do know is you will be starting out in Warzone 2 with a clean slate. None of your progress from the current Warzone will transfer to the new game – that means you’ll be waving goodbye to any skins, weapons and other cosmetics you earned with virtual blood, sweat and tears! 

A highly reputable CoD insider, Tom Henderson, has also leaked a number of details. One of the biggest, and something which a lot of Warzone players have been calling out for, is a swimming mechanic – that opens up the chance for underwater combat, like executions, on top of the chance to launch attacks using all-new tactics!

A not-so-cryptic Tweet confirmed the swimming mechanic, as well as hinting at the layout of the new map. In the image, he appears to have confirmed four locations on the new map, including an airport and quarry (two places we’ve seen before in Verdansk) as well as caves and a ‘modern city’.

The Warzone 2 map

Early guesses are that the map will resemble Medellin, Colombia. The city has an infamous history of cartel warfare, and could open up the possibility of brand new, fast-paced street fighting mechanics. Away from its criminal underworld though, Medellin is a colourful and tropical city, and we expect a lot of the city’s bright culture to spill over into the game’s landscape!


As well as the leaks from Tom Henderson, a YouTuber by the name of ‘NerosCinema’ also claimed to have some inside knowledge of the new game. These details, which he claims were from a trusted inside source, include needing to complete ‘Stronghold’ objectives to unlock loadouts, a new ‘bag system’ inventory update which promises more flexibility in-game, and a requirement to find armour satchels before any armour is usable.

Keep an eye out for more updates

Naturally, any leaks at this early stage probably haven’t hit the nail perfectly on the head. We’re still at least five months away from the launch of Warzone 2, but as we approach the release date, the leaks will come thick and fast!

You can find all of the latest CoD news here!

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