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Warzone Roundup, and Season 5 Reloaded

Written by Stakester
3 Sep, 2021

It’s been a busy month on Verdansk with the latest Vanguard reveal: but Warzone Season 5 isn’t stopping for anyone!

Season 5 of Warzone has hit us with so many curveballs in the past month, with the hints of mind control, hacking and the hotly-anticipated Vanguard event going down like a house (well, train) on fire! It truly has been a glorious season, and Activision are definitely on a roll with this upcoming Reloaded update.

This mid-season update is shaping up to be Warzone’s best so far; with a mysterious event on the horizon and a new skin to keep us on our toes.

The numbers — what do they mean?

If you’re a Call of Duty veteran, you’ll probably remember the iconic opening of the first Black Ops game with Alex Mason and Nikita Dragovich. The infamous Numbers Program is making a return in Verdansk this season with the creatively named ‘Numbers Event’. 

Back in early August, a data miner known as @BreadisModding on Twitter leaked these voice clips, which are linked to this upcoming event. Not only that, but the mysterious red doors dotted around Verdansk could finally open

From the trailer revealing the new season last month, we saw references to mind control and hacking which we believe will finally play a bigger part in Warzone and possibly a new game mode. If we’re lucky, we may just see Alex Mason make a return. The event is confirmed to begin on September 21st and only for a limited time, so grab your controllers and ready up.

Charge into Clash Mode with Judge Dredd!

50v50 mode has returned to Verdansk with vengeance! This deathmatch mode known as ‘Clash’ will take place on select areas of the map, with two teams of fifty fighting to the death. No gulag, but a race to the finish by gaining 500 points first before the other team, and unlimited respawns.

Another tough battle royale mode is coming to Warzone: Iron Trials ‘84. It’s time to test your mettle in Verdansk with a larger arsenal of weapons, and the gulag will be open for business. Not to mention, there’s a set of new rules, which you can revise here before you jump in. 

You need to fight until you’re the last man standing, and only one exclusive Calling Card is up for grabs. These new modes will be available on September 8th and 9th when Season 5 Reloaded finally begins.

We may be seeing a dystopian twist to Verdansk in the near future, with a subtle tease by the Call of Duty Twitter page: Judge Dredd will be an available skin to purchase. This might be a hint towards a bigger event involving some of the 80’s action movie skins, or a stand-alone purchase up for grabs. Imagine how satisfying it’ll be to yell “I am the law!” as you add another kill to your streak.

Ban waves, incoming!

Nothing puts a damper on your day like being killed by a low-levelled player with an obvious aimbot. We’ve all seen it before – realistically, cheating and hacking is always going to find a way into games like Warzone. But, this has been an ongoing issue for a while  – even though Activison are fighting the cheaters as fast as they can.

The banning hammer has been hard at work, and the waves of players in the thousands are being hardware banned from their computers. Anti-cheat software has learned to detect machines that have multiple accounts, and it bans them from ever playing again. This was even shown off by a well-known cheater known as @rushman360, and put up for display on the Call of Duty Twitter.

However, it seems that this infamous hacker has returned to cheating in Warzone. This has many members of the community scratching their heads, and nobody is quite sure what’s going on. It’s possible that a new computer was purchased to continue cheating, but there are no details yet.

This news makes us hopeful that we’ll be seeing less and less of these cheaters in the community, with Activision refining their anti-cheat software and their efforts to make the game as fair as it can possibly be.

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