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Warzone Season 4 Roadmap: Everything you need to know

Written by Stakester
14 Jun, 2021

Lock and load, Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone is only a few days away. The hype has hit fever pitch with the release of a “full intel roadmap” ahead of the June 17th release date. We’ve got the lowdown on the explosive developments that are no doubt going to change the Battle Royale landscape.  

Satellite Crash Sites

This season centres around a satellite that has crashed into Verdansk. It appears that the satellite broke up into segments which has given us two new points of interest on the map; one by a bridge between Downtown and Hospital and one near Farmland. We’ll probably be encouraged to visit these new areas with the promise of special contracts and better loot – so be prepared for intense fighting!

Dirt Bikes

You’ll soon be able to take to the streets (and hills) of Verdansk on two wheels. Motorbikes appeared in the Season 4 trailer and they have now been confirmed as an addition to the game. The new vehicle promises to be one of the quickest rides in the game, however, you’ll leave yourself exposed.

So, do you think the promise of speed is worth the risk of taking higher damage? Either way, this one’s a game changer. 

Updated Gulag

The last changes to the Gulag were met with some criticism. Not everyone was a fan of the fighting taking place on multiple levels. The whole charm of the  Gulag was that  the combat was simple and fast – and the developers have listened – they’re restoring the Gulag to its former glory! All of the vertical elements will be removed, meaning that every 1v1 will take place across one level – just as the CoD gods intended.

New Weapons and Operators

Like in previous seasons, there are going to be a whole host of new weapons and skins to choose from in the battle pass. Operators include Jackal, Salah and Weaver. According to the intel release, the new weapons include:

  • Nail Gun
  • OTs 9 (SMG)
  • C58 (Assault)
  • Mace
  • Baseball Bat

It seems like this season’s weapons have a much more brutal and hand-to-hand feel. We can only imagine how entertaining it is going to be to get a kill with a Nail Gun or defy the odds and batter  someone with a Mace!

The return of Dam?

Some eagle eyed fans have spotted that Dam featured in the cinematic trailer scene. As the satellite comes crashing down in a burning blaze, Dam is a picture of tranquility in the background. So, does this mean that Summit’s lifetime has come to a premature end, being replaced in the Warzone map after only one season? Or could we see an area which combines Summit and Dam in one? There’s only one way to find out!


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